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I would just like to let you know what an outstanding gentleman you have as your tour guide in Kinsale in the person of Barry. Moloney, We just had the enjoyable time of being with Barry for a tour a few weeks ago. When I introduced myself to him he said"Welcome home". How thoughtful! At the end of the tour we asked directions to the "Spaniard". He quickly offered us a ride and took some pictures for us. We were celebrating our 50th Anniversary and this really gave us a very enjoyable memory. Thanks to Barry for his kindness and to you Rick Steves for recommending him.

Michael and Mary Ann Collins.

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We agree he is terrific! We took the walking tour of Kinsale with Barry in September of 2015. It was a huge crowd and I couldn't believe he took the time to shake every person's hand and introduce himself one-on-one. And with such genuine warmth! Definitely a highlight of that trip.

I didn't know he also guided the RS tours. How wonderful it would be to spend two weeks with him.