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Ireland itinerary review . Need input, please

Hi, All.Planing trip to Ireland in June . Flying in and out of Dublin. I am going to have a car. Have 5 nights available to spare. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
This is my approximate itinerary:
Day1: fly into Dublin , get the car , drive through Glandaluogh , Powerscourt gardens, Kilkenny and sleepover in Waterford.
Day 2: Roc of Cashel , Killarney National Park. Sleeping in Kenmare.
Day 3: ROK ( Ring of Kerry).
Sleeping in Dingle.
Day4:Ring of Dingle. Bunratty Castle. Arriving to Cliffs of Moher by the Sunset. Sleeping in Ennis.
Day 4: Cliffs of Moher ( if didn’t make there previous day), Burren, Ailwee caves. Drive to Dublin. Fly out to Edinburgh next morning.

Does it sounds to ambitious? Is it doable? If not what to eliminate?

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You might try posting this on the Ireland forum rather than Ireland reviews. More people might see it. Personally, 5 one night stays seems a bit ambitious. I would suggest limiting yourself to one or two bases. I'vel not seen much of Ireland, only 6 nights in Dublin and 1 in Kilkenny last year on a trip with my University. So I don't have much to add to your sightseeing plans. I'm taking my family though this May. Only 2 weeks to til we go! I have opted for 2 3 night stays and 1 4 night stay.

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This will be rather hectic and not very enjoyable. the first day is doable but remember your first day after an overnight flight is usually not very productive because your exhausted and having trouble staying awake. I found the Rock of Cashel to be a pile of rumble and underwhelming, while I enjoyed Killarney National park and Powerscourt gardens a lot! If your doing the Ring of Kerry please get an early start to avoid the tour buses, this overall trip is doable but you will need to be flexible because there is no room for error. I love Ireland, it is my favorite country in Europe!

Driving on the left side of the road will take some getting use to, also you will need a GPS device in the car because it you use google maps you will run up a huge roaming bill, most cars can be rented with GPS, be sure to ask for a car with an automatic vs stick.

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We do one night stays frequently but you're trying to drive too far each day. Google map your days and then add 25% more time. Add in sightseeing time and it's just too much. With 5 days I would stick to Dublin, Glendalough and add the Boyne Valley. Or fly in and out of Shannon and do the Cliffs, ROK and Dingle.

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Thank you very much. I am Narrowing it down. The flight I can’t change but I will edit the itinerary.

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We spent 13 days driving around the island in 2013. One recommendation: Forget about the Ring of Kerry and drive the Dingle Peninsula instead. The scenery is much prettier and there will be a LOT less traffic and fewer tourists. We did both - a guide drove us around the Ring of Kerry and I drove our rental on the Dingle. Our drive was vastly superior to the "tour."

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I agree with the others, this is way too much, especially Day 1 after an overnight flight where you'll likely not get much sleep. Day 1 I'd get the car, drive to Glendalough then pick one of the others to do. We loved Killarney National Park and the ROK drive. The Cliffs of Moher were fantastic too. Enjoy your trip but do try to take it a little slower and really see and enjoy it all.

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Thanks to all for the advisory. It is very very useful. I got the idea of how to plan it out. I will work on the itinerary for a few more days and then put it up for a final review. Thanks again.