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Hilarious Time In Liverpool

My daughter and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at the airport. We arrived tired,cold and late at night. The manager Chris mentioned he had food and drink. We had a pizza hut meal and Snapple drinks. Then a good deep sleep. I mention the "cheese", because I believe it assisted me in having a very creative dream about Mr. Chris. I saw he had a tat on his arm as he served us the meal. He is a tall, kind man with a wicked sense of humor. My imagination got the best of me, I dreamed that he had been a drug dealer and he was just working at that job, to find out which room had the money and the cocaine. During the night ( in my dream), I re-arranged the furniture, and found some loose planks. I found the $ and the drugs. Left the drugs, kept the money. The hilarious thing is I shared this story with Chris the next morning. He played along with me...saying " what makes you think I wasn't a drug dealer...etc...". Well, all the folks having breakfast were laughing so hard, they were wiping away tears, and holding their tummy's as I told Chris my story. The Brittish are not " stuffy", at all. And traveling off season, they have time to enjoy travelers and their vivid imaginations. Sure we went to see the Tate museum along the waterfront, John Lennon airport with statues and plaques for the Beatles. The nightlife was roudy, near the Cavern club. I would return, and I don't expect to see a sign near the pizza...not responsible for vivid dreams after consumption... LoL