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Gluten Free Dining in Ireland

Greetings fellow travelers,

We are headed to Ireland next year and I have celiac disease, which means I can't eat anything with gluten. It can be challenging finding places to eat.
I'm curious to see of anyone can recommend a couple of places that offer gluten free places? Specifically in Dublin, Dingle and Ennis.


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I have celiac, too, and my last trip to Ireland was in 2005, not long after I was diagnosed and waaaay before being gluten-free was a trendy thing to do. I found it easier to find food in Ireland than in the US at that time. Generally, I think it's easier almost anywhere in Europe than in the US, actually. They have had an awareness of celiac for far longer than we have. It was more challenging in the off-the-beaten-path places that don't see as many tourists, but I'd imagine since 2005 even those have seen their fair share of people with dietary restrictions. And you can drink cider, available everywhere! :)

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Genetically, there is more gluten intolerance in Ireland than in the US. Relax and enjoy your trip. Restaurants are prepared for your needs. It's helpful to learn about local practices, like whether, for examples, sausages are permitted to have non-meat ingredients. (I don't know that particular answer.)

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I am of Irish heritage and have celiac too. It is well -known there and I do not think you will have any trouble finding tasty food to eat.

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I just returned from Galway, Dingle, Ennis and a few other towns and as everyone has said, it was very easy to eat without Gluten and you can find the freshest vegetables and meats.
You can PM me if you want and I can give you some of my favorite places if you are on the Western side.
I also statyed at B&Bs that knew what I could eat and they were outstanding.

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I do not have celiac disease, but a young doctor told me that it is more prevalent in Ireland than almost anywhere else, so appropriate food is quite readily available. If you Google 'celiac Ireland' you will find a good number of websites and lists to explore. Once you get to Ireland, you can download the Just Eat app which lets you sort restaurants by various criteria.

Most supermarkets have a 'saor'/'-free' aisle, where you will find gluten-free snacks and food that you could prepare in a self-catering apartment. I love Cornucopia (19/20 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Dublin 2), a vegetarian/vegan restaurant where all the dishes are marked as being glutenfree, vegan, soyfree, etc. It's right in the main shopping area, the prices are good, and the servings are generous. I often eat there because I like the food, and all my friends can find something to eat!

If you are traveling in the stunningly beautiful but sparsely populated Northwest, you may want to be sure you have appropriate snacks with you, but you should have no trouble in larger towns and university towns.

I don't think dietary issues will be a problem in Ireland. Enjoy your trip!

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I just got home today from a week in Ireland, and I saw frequent references to gluten free options while dining out. If you'll be in Dublin, my I recommend The Farm? They have multiple gluten-free options, and the food was delicious.