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Dublin Restaurant suggestion

This coming May we will be arriving several days early to Dublin prior to starting a RS Best of Ireland tour. We usually don’t sleep on the plane trip over and will be getting to our hotel, Buswell’s, late in the day. Would like some restaurant tips near our hotel, especially for that first night. With the fatigue we will be experiencing, it will be nice to have a restaurnat planned. When we arrived in London several years ago, we were pretty drained and just went to a place down the street from where we were staying (which actually worked out well, one of my favorite memories of the trip was eating my first fish and chips that evening). Would appreciate recommendations from anyone who has stayed near this hotel and thanks!

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Will you be on a Rick Steves' tour? I ask because I highly recommend The Farm which is only a couple blocks from Buswells. However, my 2018 tour ate there the first night.

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We ate at Green Nineteen, about 15 to 20 minutes walk from your hotel, when we were in Dublin last spring and enjoyed it. It's fairly casual but the food was good. The prawn skewers were a nice appetizer, if you eat shellfish.

Not sure if that's "near" in your book, but at any rate it should give you a nice intro to the walking you're likely to do on your tour.

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I also recommend the Farm. It’s close and the food is good. Regarding a comment by a previous poster that their RS group ate there the first night, that was not the case for me. Even if that happens and you eat there with the group, so what? You’ll hav3 two great meals.

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Thanks for the suggestions, thus far, it’s always nice to have recommendations from this forum. Happy travels, everyone!