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Disappointed in Galway's Asgard B & B

I had booked our room in early February 2018 for our stay in May. I gave cc information and was told they would be in touch closer to our arrival. I never heard from them again, so I contacted them the day prior to our arrival to verify the arrangements. I heard back the next day stating that yes, all was in order for our stay, however their credit card machine was not working and asked if we could pay in cash. I responded with a yes. When we arrived we were asked to give full payment for our 3 night stay. It totaled 510 euro. Fortunately, we had that much in hand. Never were we told that full payment was due on arrival. This is vital information to have.

Additionally, the walls were paper thin and the floors very noisy allowing us to hear more than we would have in a normal home. Showers were not allowed between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. Again, this was not information given ahead of time. We had early tours planned and this was a bit ridiculous.

We were disappointed as The Asgard Guesthouse was recommended in your 2018 book and we have never been disappointed in your recommendations. The location was great allowing us to walk everywhere, even the train/bus stations, but there rules and hospitality was a bit lacking.

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What I read online is that they don't allow showers during those hours because the water tank is very loud and disturbs people's sleep. Makes sense, but still annoying for those not aware in advance, especially those who need a shower before 7 am due to scheduling.

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I would never need a shower before 7 am.. I would shower the night before it needed ( how dirty do you actually get sleeping.. )

I am sure that as you say the walls are thin.. that the reason for the shower restriction is noise...I think its a reasonable request..

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Thanks for posting this. It it just the sort of information that will help others with their lodging choices.

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Cross this one off my list. Cash on arrival? I’d want to know way in advance about that. And no morning shower. Well, Pat, not to overstate the obvious, but if sleeping is all you’re doing perhaps you could start your day sans shower, but, ahem...

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Well, their credit card machine hasn't been working since October, 2007. My friend and I ran into the same issue when we stayed there. We had to come up with close to 300 Euro the night before we left.

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This group of fellow travelers is very interested in your report but for the attention of the staff - it sounds like that is what you are trying to do - you need to visit the Contact Us button at the bottom of the screen. That goes to the people who need to know, but it doesn't repeat here. There is also the Guidebook Feedback link on the guidebook pages.

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Thank you for your post! If I took my shower at night instead of the morning, my hair would look like a guinea pig!