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I am taking a 14 tour of Ireland, ending in Belfast. I have three days off, before I join my London tour. I am debating spending an extra day/night in Belfast, and then flying to London, where I'll have 2 days before the tour starts.
Sounds like we are covering all the main sights in Belfast. I would love some thoughts about the extra night in Belfast, ot should I fly to London and have 3 extra nights before the tour starts. Thank you!

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If you are covering the main sights in Belfast, an extra day in London would come in handy. There is just so much to see and your tour will not cover it all.

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You posted this in the review section so you might not get a response. Try the main section in General Europe . But to answer your question, I would prefer the extra time in London if your tour itinerary does not include some things you want to see. if you decide to stay Ireland you could go to Dublin for a few days. It is a matter of preference and what does the tour cover.

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There is far more to see in London than in Belfast, so I would fly to London straight away. I wouldn’t risk going to Dublin in case Covid restrictions are imposed. Keep it simple.

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I would also choose London. We found Belfast very depressing for various reasons. We only spent one day there and it was enough.

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Another vote for immediate flight to London. I took the Ireland tour and LOVED it. However, our time in Belfast was my least favorite. I did like the Titanic museum very much though. London has SO much to see. There are suggestions on the tour page what to see not covered on the tour as you probably know. You could spend your time on a London Walk (so many to choose from.) I took the one to Greenwich and really enjoyed it. You could go to an afternoon tea somewhere. You could go to evensong at St. Pauls or Westminster Abbey or a play in the West End......relax and get ready for another tour adventure or even take a day tour out of town, e.g. Windsor.

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OK, I'll be the contrarian here and suggest an extra day or two in Belfast - not so much for the city itself but for use as a base for a day trip north to explore the Antrim Coast, the Giant's Causeway area and the beautiful city of Derry. Could book a day tour or just rent a car for a couple of days to give you the freedom to roam at your leisure - it's a beautiful area and one of Ireland's underappreciated little secrets.

The Antrim Coast is one of Ireland's great scenic drives on a sunny day, and all of the little glens tucked away as you head north invite a stop for tea, lunch, or a stroll along the beach, and several feature the ruins of an old castle tucked away off the beaten tourist track.

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Are the options only Belfast and London? Howabout stopping somewhere else inbetween?

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I'm doing 14 days in Ireland, a very inclusive tour. I have 3 days before starting my London tour. Thanks for all the responses. I'm leaning towards having my 3 day break in London!

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Hands down, London. Been visiting since Nixon was in office.

London is always changing and always the same. Favorite city on the planet.

Most museums are free, parks to meander about, food markets to peruse, theatre, interesting architecture, the Royals.

Don’t miss the Tower of London, have a pub lunch,
enjoy Tea and scones or a cocktail at the Booking Office at St Pancras ( hopefully not a Covid closure victim), visit Spitalfields, enjoy Evensong at St Brides Church, walk along the Regents Canal path, walk across the Millennium Bridge, walk through the glass covered Leadenhall Market. See if you can visit Parliament or sit in the visitors gallery in the Old Bailey.

Lastly start researching Timeout London online a couple weeks before you go. Might discover an event, show, exhibit, that will occur during your days there.

In 2017 for a November sojourn learned about the Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall. One of my most favorite evenings in London.

You’ll love Ireland!

Lastly, when in Belfast if you like clam chowder visit Mourne’s seafood next to Kelly Cellars Pub.

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Given your options, another vote for the extra day in (or around) London. Is Hampton Court Palace on your London itinerary? If not, include it on your own as a London daytrip.

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Next trip hopefully to UK. Have never been there. Why do people say Belfast is depressing? Thanks.

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I spent two nights in Belfast on a trip in 2019 and enjoyed it very much. London, however, is my favorite city in the world so If you’ve never been I’d pick that as there really is so much more to do there. I spent a week in London on my first ever trip to Europe and could have stayed longer.
(If you’re interested in learning about the Troubles before you get to Belfast I high recommend a book called “Say Nothing”. Fascinating read.)
BTW, if you decide to stay an extra night in Belfast, I really enjoyed touring Hillsborough Castle and Gardens which is just south of the city.