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Security guidelines in Reykjavik airport

our family is traveling in July and I would like to take my hiking poles in my carry on bag. Will security stop me due to their being metal ends? I do not want my poles taken. I will not have a checked bag. We will go through the airport twice, once on way to Geneva, SW and once on way back to MSP airport in MN. Thank you!

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What I have always been told is that hiking poles are recreational not medically necessary, like a cane. Therefore, not allowed as carry on. However, there have been folks on this forum and other places who have said they have carried on hiking poles, and didn't have an issue. My take is that they are expensive so I do not want to chance it because I would be the person that is caught and security won't care when I tell them other people do it!

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Yes, they are not allowed in carryon. I don't take mine as they were expensive and I really like them, so would have to have them confiscated. I did take a cheap collapsable set in my checked baggage once, but the ones I had were terrible as they kept unlocking. So this tie we are borrowing from a place. Yo can also just buy some at your destination