Many thanks from a new fan of Budapest

I'll be posting a more detailed trip report in the next few days but I wanted to make a special point of thanking everyone, most particularly James, for their great advice on Budapest. What a beautiful city and such kind and helpful people! And the food! I arrived at Keleti train station in early afternoon and was immediately hit with a bit of confusion as it seemed really foreign to me, in a way that Vienna had not. But I collected myself and found the ATM as instructed, then called City Taxi and was on my way in perhaps 5 minutes for a bit less than 4,000 HUF--thanks to studying the map I knew the driver took me straight there, no meandering to up the fare. Got my 3 day transit pass and set out with my map for 3 1/2 days of exploring. When it came time to leave I called City again--they had my info from the first call--and by the time I had checked out the taxi was there. Cost was perhaps 6,700 to the airport. As a solo traveller I really appreciate the helpful hints and advice received, makes the journey much less stressful.

Posted by James E.
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Christa, thanks. Your report will help me know if we are giving the right advice or if maybe we are getting too close to the subject to be truly objective.

Posted by David
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James also helped use when we went to Budapest in April.

He needs to build a website--like He has enough information about the city to make a business out of his travels and knowledge of the region.

Posted by James E.
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David, thanks for the complement, but I have a pretty good job. I do this for the fun of it and for the satisfaction of helping others enjoy a place I think is special. Besides if I had a Website or a travel related business the rules here are that I could not mention it unless specifically asked about it so that wouldn't be much help.

Posted by frank
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I will be very interested in your trip report, Christa. I'm going to Budapest as a solo traveler this December and Im going to need all the tips I can get!

Posted by Judy
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I also received some info from James, however our trip won't begin for a few weeks yet. His info was clear, concise and easy to follow and I can't wait to out it to good use when we get to Budapest. Will keep you posted James!

Posted by James E.
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I hope it helps. Keep in mind that I am pretty biased. I hope you have theater tickets. We love the theater.

Posted by Susan
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James, you've made me want to go to Budapest after reading all the good info you've given in other posts. And I hope I get to someday... ; )

I'll look forward to your Trip Report christa! So nice of you to say "thank you"... not many do. I just noticed you live in Alameda... you should come to our SF Bay Area travel meeting this Saturday! Look for the thread in "General Europe." We'd love to have you.

Posted by christa
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I posted my report in the Trip Report section a couple of days ago, two parts since I spent 7 days in Vienna before Budapest. Of course, I now wish I had spent as long in Budapest, but that only means I will need to return! And next time I will find that Ecseri flea market! My aunt, who is also part Hungarian, really wants to go now and since my uncle doesn't, we may be cooking up a girls' trip.

Posted by Gabriel
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When I have the time I'll try to write up my own report. James was a very valuable resource and I absolutely fell in love with the city. I hope I get the chance to go again within the next year.