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eurocity 140 reservation - budapest to vienna

Just booked a ticket for EC 140 from budapest to vienna at OBB site....the site did not allow me to add reservation ...i am worried about the fact now that whether I will get a seat without reservation.....and can i add reservation later to ensure a seat ...i have booked ticket for 23rd april

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I recently booked tickets for two on EC145 Vienna to Budapest and there was no place to select specific seats on OBB site, although I did pay €3 extra for each seat -- but when I printed my tickets there was a sheet headed "reservierung" showing the car # (wagen) and seats (sitzplatze) On a prior trip, going the other direction, I did what James E suggests and bought reservations at Keleti station the day before.

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thanks both....wanted to check if reservations can be made a day prior at Keleti considering the rush there in April