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Budapest, Vienna, Prague

I am going to get a SIM card for my iPhone to use in these 3 countries. Do you recommend I get it at home in the States or find a place in Budapest (our first stop).

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The answer to that question lies, in part, to the answers to these questions:

1) would you rather set it up yourself, or have someone take care of that for you?
2) would you rather have it all set up before you leave for your trip, or are you happy to do it on arrival?
3) do you need to know the phone number in advance (to give to hotels, friends, etc)?

There are other reasons to choose one or the other, but those are some important ones. If you want a SIM that you set up yourself before you leave, knowing the phone number in advance, then here is my writeup on a Vodafone UK SIM that I have used in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland - and which should work for you in Budapest, Vienna and Prague.

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Thank you. I was thinking of doing it when I got there. Since we will have 2 phones, and getting the Sim card for just one of the phones, I do not need the number to give to family and friends. would you happen to know what Company services Budapest so that I can find a store?