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Clothing for trip

I realize there are many posts on the amount of clothing to take to Greece and I do not want to over pack. On the other hand, I want to be satisfied with my choices. Hence, here is one more boring post on packing. We are going to Greece for 23 days beginning September 12. I would appreciate thoughts on what I think I might take clothing wise. We will be on the islands the majority of the time with only 5 days on the mainland. I am 70 years old.
My thoughts: 1 Long pair of yoga pants, 1 pair of capris, 2 skorts, 1 long sleeveless dress, 1 short sleeveless dress, a shawl, and wind/rain jacket.
Shoes: tennis shoes and a pair of sturdy sandals.
Tops are 2 sleeveless and 3 short sleeve.
Thanks, K

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This recent packing report might be helpful:

I would expect the weather to still be pretty hot in September. I’m not a fan of heat, and could never get by with as few items as you are planning. When it’s so hot (especially if it’s humid), I like to take a break mid day, often shower to cool off, and change into clean clothes for dinner. So I’d need a few more options. But I don’t claim to be a light packer.

While in Italy last month, I saw lots of lovely linen dresses in shops. Rest assured that you can always purchase a wearable souvenir if you find yourself in need of something different.

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What fun! Yep, agree with Travel4fun, you will need a bit more clothing just because you'll be sweaty.

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One practice that helps me is to consider when and where I'll either do laundry or send it out to be done. September should be quite warm, so things worn during the day would likely only get one wear, except maybe the light dresses. Activity planned matters of course--will you be on beach, hiking, general sightseeing?

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We went to Greece on August 31, 2018 for 21 days when I was 68 years old. I brought 4 simple knee length sleeveless cotton dresses, 1 pair of capris and tops, a light long sleeve sweater and shirt (as I read about mosquitos) and a swimsuit as we swam daily especially on Paros where I have never swam in such crystal clear warm buoyant water. I wore the sweater and capris on the plane only, never the long sleeve shirt (never saw a mosquito) and those cotton dresses were perfect for the heat. I still call them my Greek dresses. Your shoes are spot on.