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This topic actually came up in an earlier Greece thread. The initial assumption is that if you were merely in transit, that intermediate airports may not matter. However, if you are connecting at an airport in the Schengen zone, you are not "In-Transit" to Greece, you are entering that connecting Country, and taking a Domestic-Equivalent flight to Greece. Even if you are staying "airside" you are still in the domestic terminal and are legally in that country, so entry requirements for that country apply.

As the link indicates, direct flight would be best, or a country that has opened up as well (Turkey has been mentioned, Iceland I suppose) There was also a link posted earlier on how Airports are handling "in-transit" passengers, flying through London to Greece, would keep you in Transit, but the UK may not allow it.

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The most recent article I read on this topic (linked here) indicated that Amsterdam-Schipol and Paris-CDG were not permitting US passengers connecting to other Schengen-Zone countries, and Amsterdam was not permitting US passengers connecting to any other EU countries.