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Useful Article on Transiting Major European Airports

I assume we all realize the rules for traveling to and within Europe are in flux. No doubt the same is true with respect to changing planes at European airports. Still, I think this article is worthwhile in that reading through the various (current) rules highlights issues one should investigate for trips later this year.

The key thing I learned (a point of caution for those ticket-shopping now) is that Amsterdam-Schipol and Paris-CDG are both prohibiting transit passengers from the US whose ultimate destinations are in other Schengen countries. Schipol also prohibits US passengers wishing to transit to non-Schengen EU countries.

I see that there are differences in the format of PCR [<< corrected] tests acceptable at the various airports as well.

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I've been looking at this information on various airport websites, but this is very useful to have it all in one place!!

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Good article. Thanks very much for linking it.

Looks like if someone IS going to make travel plans for early summer for countries that are open they'd do better in the US to try and get direct flights from the East Coast. Flying from the Western US I usually try to get to Amsterdam to change for an onward European flight but that might be a no-go for a while longer.

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Whoops! I just recommended Schipol to someone as a great airport for transit.