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Zune MP3 - Can you charge it in Europe & UK

We have Microsoft's Zune and it says it only takes North American electrical current. They said you can't recharge it in Europe.

I thinking maybe I should have bought the Creative Zen instead. Any advise. Thanks

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What you need is a converter (to convert Europe's 240 volts to America's 120 volts), and an adapter, so your American plug will fit European plugs. These are available all over the place....Target, WalMart, etc. That will allow you to recharge your Zune. Converters usually come in two types....high-capacity, to handle high-wattage items like hair dryers, and low-capacity. As for registering your can register them with U-S customs on the way out...they'll give you a little receipt. That will give you proof you didn't buy them overseas and try to "smuggle" them back in. But I haven't heard of anyone using this process for some time now.

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I wouldn't worry about registering things. I've never even had my bags opened in all my trips back and forth - coming to Denmark and the UK. I think it's only a good idea if you are bringing multiple laptops or really, really expensive cameras - i.e. if you were a professional photographer or a salesman.