Zipper Repair

I'm quite happy with our Rick Steves bags. We have a couple of zippers that were mistreated by the baggage handlers so that little glitches here and there make it hard or impossible to move the sliders to full opening or closing, etc. Please help us find a repair service or coach us on how to fix it ourselves. Zip Code area: 77573 Thanks.

Posted by James
League City, TX, United States
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Hey! Big surprise: this IS a functioning forum. (Contrary to my frequent previous experience with others.) Glenn: We have given them frequent/heavy use for about 5 years. We love the design. Flexible packing options, exactly right size for current airline regulations. I can pack them to exactly 50 pounds. When one of the main zippers got a 6-inch tear in the webbing, I patched it with some webbing and an awl/waxed linen. Replacing a whole zipper seems a little more challenging to me. I will start with my shoe repairman. Many thanks, everyone who responded.

Posted by Michael
Des Moines, IA
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Some shoe repair shops also handle luggage repair. Another option might be to check with a local travel store that sells luggage/bags. I would start with the shoe repair place idea and go from there.

Posted by Glenn
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Canada
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Just old are your bags? My brother purchased one last year and the zipper came apart after the first use ( convertible carry on ). He contacted RS and they sent a replacement bag, no questions asked, and didn't even ask for the broken bag back.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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James, You could also contact ETBD, as they may have some suggestions on how to deal with the problem. While shoe repair places may have the equipment and expertise to replace a zipper, they may have difficulty finding the correct replacement part. If the zippers are replaced with a "light duty" product, you could have problems with them again in future. Good luck!