ZAGAT: Europe's top restaurants

Got this from Zagat. To do this survey (and get a free book) go to

The email said:
We are now surveying over 120 new openings and newly discovered favorites in 25 cities from Amsterdam to Zurich to expand our current coverage of Europe's Top Restaurants.

This is your chance to share your thoughts as a contributor to the guide that will grow to cover over 1,500 restaurants.

Complete the online survey by June 29, 2008, and you'll receive a FREE copy of the 2009 Europe's Top Restaurants guide when it's published.

Keep in mind that you can cast votes any time during the survey period, but you must SUBMIT YOUR VOTES to get the guide. You can return to the ballot to update/add more votes once you have submitted them.

Thanks for sharing your opinions, and feel free to pass this along to your friends.

If you have any questions, please email

Posted by Perry
Pearland, TX, USA
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Hi Michelle,

... someone seems to be trying to sucker you into doing the research work they are too cheap to do themselves ... If you decide to complete the online survey, it is strongly recommended you decline to provide personal information, even if the item has a little red star (saying this must be completed). This whole thing could easily be a fraud. You should at least contact Zagat about it (and don't use the email address you show above). Get your address from or similar source. - on your own.... Good Luck! P

Posted by JER
Seattle, USA
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Definitely not a scam at all. The link provided is to Zagat's regular website. And eater surveys is how all Zagat guides get their information. In fact, the whole point of their guides is that they are compilations of customer ratings for restaurants. That is both their strength (you aren't getting one reviewer's idiosyncratic opinion) and their weakness (popular but unadventurous places get more highly rated than they perhaps deserve.) I have a dozen or so of them for American cities and find them very helpful. Thanks for posting this, Michelle.

Posted by Michelle
Anaheim, CA, USA
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Hi, Its not a scam. I am a member of Zagat, and to surveys. They legitimately give their book to you (i think US residents but they may offer international). I have a mini collection of Orlando, Disney World, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and London.

Posted by Ambrosia
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I too, am a member of Zagat & do the survey each year & they send the free book.