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YOUR Top 10

Hey everyone. I’ve posted a few times to this forum about my future trip to Europe and within those conversations, I mentioned how I had other trips planned around the world. It had me thinking about one of the movies that played a part in inspiring me to buckle down and really save for travel, “The Bucket List.”

My question for anyone who is interested in sharing in some fun conversation, where in the world are YOUR top 10 destinations to witness before you “kick the bucket.”

Think of it as 10 places anywhere in the world (no matter where) but the consequence is you can never see anything else abroad ever the places you pick are the ones you cherish forever.

MY top 10 for no particular order:

  1. The Serengeti
  2. The City of Rome
  3. The Pyramids in Cairo
  4. The Parthenon in Athens
  5. The shrines and temples in Kyoto, Japan
  6. The Taj Mahal in India
  7. The Great Wall of China
  8. Machu Picchu in the Andes of Peru
  9. The Eiffel Tower at night in Paris
  10. The British Museum in London

It’s just a fun list that helps to inspire me to keep pushing with the savings. Feel free to share if this seems like a fun conversation for you :).

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I like that you are saving now and you have a great bucket list. Fortunately we have been to some of the places you have mentioned but fear we will be unable to fulfill our list due to age.
1. Revos train from Pretoria to Durbin or Capetown
2. Victoria Falls
3. Great Wall of China
4. Apple blossom time in Japan
5. Iceland
6 To dance the Tango in Buenos Aires
7. Taj Mahal in India
8. Sicily
9. Ireland
10. Croatia
The first 2 may be doable but am planning a redo of our first trip to Italy with our daughter and granddaughter next year.
Hope some other posters will share their "Bucket Lists" as well.

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Fun idea! Mine are more cities/countries I want to experience, rather than specific sites. I want to make it to the six inhabited continents. So hard to narrow it down... In no particular order:

  1. African safari
  2. Buenos Aires
  3. Great Wall of China
  4. Greece
  5. Budapest
  6. Croatia
  7. Australia
  8. Berlin Wall
  9. Sintra, Portugal
  10. Normandy, France
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I love lists, but I'm going to cheat and cut and paste something I wrote previously.

  1. Spring Training. This has been on my list longer than any other when as a boy I learned that baseball players on my beloved Montreal Expos actually got to spend a couple of months each Spring in Florida playing baseball. I made it to a Washington Nationals game in West Palm Beach a few years ago, but I want to spend a month in Florida following the Toronto Blue Jays. I want to experience the first crack of the bat and the first pop of a catcher’s mitt in early Spring.
  2. Visit every Major League Park; 14 down-16 to go. You may have guessed that I love baseball, but this one will be tough as my wife is not a fan. Any of you in MLB cities want to volunteer your time at a pub and then a game to talk and watch baseball with me?
  3. Historical tour of Canada. One regret when I was a teenager was being too self absorbed to care where my Grandpa came from and why. As a boy, he immigrated to Canada from the Liverpool, England region in about 1908. There was a Canadian author named Pierre Berton who wrote many books about the history of Canada and it wasn’t until I read his book, The Promised Land-Settling the West 1896-1914 did I understand the why. The stories my grandpa probably had. Fast Forward to 2016, and we visited the Fortress of Louisbourg in Nova Scotia which reignited my passion to learn more and follow Canada’s roots from coast to coast.
  4. Juneau Beach, Vimy Ridge in France. This is an extension of my historical tour of Canada and to visit places where Canada distinguished itself during the world wars. I’m sure I’ll need to head to the Netherlands as well, just haven’t researched that part yet.
  5. Haunted Castle. Just because. Hopefully, those ghosts aren’t just someone’s idea of good marketing. This would have been checked off the list in June when we had a room booked at Barcaldine Castle in Scotland.
  6. Calgary-Isle of Mull, Scotland. The place that my hometown is named after. There doesn’t appear to be much there, but it’s important to me. This also would have been checked off the list in June.
  7. Amalfi Coast-Kayak tour, sadly this likely won’t happen. While my wife indulges me and my intense pace during vacations, she draws the line when she’s required to chip in with the manual labour and paddle her own boat. I’ll have to settle for a villa with a large balcony overlooking the ocean.
  8. Giraffe Manor in Kenya along with an African safari. Who wouldn’t want a giraffe poking its head through the window while I’m eating breakfast?
  9. Month long stays in London and New York. I love big cities and I want to experience them like a local. Ever since I visited New York for the first time I’ve had this as a goal, but once I’d been to London, New York dropped to 2nd on the list. Los Angeles/San Diego are also on the list-but more as a place to go when it’s cold at home. In my mind, they don’t have the mystical qualities that the big 2 have.
  10. Disney World and Disneyland with Grandkids. First, I’ll need grandkids. But watching my own kids cavort with Mickey and Minnie was priceless and I want to experience that again.
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I think DH and I have been lucky in that we have almost emptied our bucket list, thanks to his career, which required a lot of travel, in addition to our travel addiction over 40+ years. Most if our travel "wants" now center on revisiting our favorite places. But a few items remain:

African safari

Egypt/Nile river tour

Scotland - this will happen as soon as conditions allow


A world cruise- only likely if we win a lottery

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Not in order:
Easter Island
Machu Picchu
Great Wall of China
Chinggis Khaan Statue Mongolia
New Zealand
Nova Scotia
Northern Lights

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but the consequence is you can never see anything else abroad ever again.

Nope, that pretty much shuts this down for me.

Edit: I've been thinking about this since I posted it earlier. If I knew I would never be able to go abroad again, but I had one more chance, I would almost certainly opt to revisit places I've loved. In no particular order, and the list is not comprehensive - I'm sure more places will be popping into my head all evening - I would love to revisit Leiden; Paris and Reims; Padua, Rome, and Siena; the Lauterbrunnen Valley; Poznań and the Polish countryside; Granada and Barcelona.

I'm sure I'll be adding to the list, at least in my mind, but as I've mentioned before, I don't have a "bucket list" as such. So if I only get one more run at it, I want to go to the places that have left their mark on my heart.

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Here’s mine, not in any particular order.
1. Iguazu Falls (Argentina)
2. Torres del Paine and El Perito Moreno Glacier
3. Walk the last 100k of the Camino
4. Spend 89 days in Paris
5. Sicily
6. New Zealand
7. Meteora, Greece
8. Northern Lights
9. Iceberg Alley in Newfoundland
10. See an opera at La Scalia in Milan

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Also in no particular order...

  1. One year in Paris

  2. St Remy-de-Provence

  3. Bayeux, Normandy

  4. Lisbon

  5. Ireland

  6. The Cotswolds

  7. NYC

  8. West Point and the Hudson Valley, New York

  9. Boston

  10. Quebec City

Some of these I’ve been to but want to go back for more... 💕

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Spring Training

I did that a few years ago. It was awesome. Cincinnati Reds. Aroldis Chapman started one of the games. He pitched just one inning but blew away 3 batters on strikeouts. Great atmosphere. Seats close to the field. And an airplane boneyard right by the stadium.

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I had a humble list of places I would be really ticked off if I missed them, and made those my travel priorities. I am happy to say I saw them. From there, I am flexible and my 'enthusiasms' as I call them, ebb and flow.
1. Serengeti, though I have been....I just want more unlimited time there
2. To watch the rains fill the dry river beds of Botswana in the annual inundation
3. Sunrise at the Taj Mahal
4. Walk part of the Great Wall of China without masses of people
5. Antarctica
6. Petra, Jordan
7. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
8. London's great museums
9. Angkor Wat and surrounding temples
10. Birding and wildlife viewing in Brazil's Pantanal region

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ive been very fortunate over the last 5 years and have knocked out many of my top 10 so in reality working on my top 20 now
not in any particular order in the groups of 10

  1. Egypt DONE
  2. safari -- was cancelled in 2020 now on for jan 2022
  3. new york DONE
  4. italy DONE but still lots to see and my favorite country in the world
  5. Beijing
  6. rome DONE only spent 2 1/2 weeks in greece so lots to go back to
  7. london DONE
  8. paris DONE
  9. costa rica DONE
  10. iceland

  11. amsterdam

  12. taj mahal cancelled in 2020 so trip is paid for
    13 maccha picchau
    14 grand canyon
    15 oktoberfest ive been to munich but it wasnt on at that time
    16 chicago
    17 russia
    18 thailand DONE
    19 Galapagos
    20 morocco

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  1. Great Barrier Reef

  2. Uluru ( Ayers Rock )

  3. Great Ocean Road

  4. Sydney Harbour Bridge

  5. Ningaloo Reef

  6. Tasmania

  7. The Pinnacles

  8. Gold Coast

  9. Kakadu National Park

  10. Mt Warning ( near Murwillumbah , a town in northern NSW , where I lived for 40 years )

    famous for capturing the first rays of the sun hitting Australia

    regards Phil

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If I had to commit to not traveling again, then this list is null and void, but just for fun here it is in no particular oder;

Tanzania northern safari circuit-booked for 2022 with Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
Greek Islands
Return trip to Ecuador and Galapagos to also include Amazon rainforest
Easter Island
Ireland for return visit to include Northern Ireland this time
World Cruise when DH retires

I also have a dive trip list! Lol! Red Sea, return trip to Philippines, Palau, return trip to Fiji, Cuba.

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  1. Go walk 800km of the Camino Frances, starting in SJPDP, ending in Santiago. (have walked various sections, but want to walk over the Pyrenees again and try not to break my wrist this time)
  2. Egypt, with pyramids, Luxor, etc. maybe even a cruise on the Nile
  3. New Zealand, any and all of it
  4. Israel, any and all of it
  5. Australia, any and all of it
  6. Tibet, with Lhassa
  7. Iceland, ride the horses, see the Northern Lights
  8. Ride the Orient Express for as long as possible
  9. Drive across the US, either camping or in an RV
  10. See Eastern Europe. All these years in Germany and haven't made it to any of those countries.
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If I could never go anyplace again but ten places, I would go back to places I’ve been and love. Instead this is a list of places I’ve never been and still want to go. Not in any order.
1. Great Wall of China
2. Machu Picchu
3. Slovenia
4. Northern Norway
5. South Korea
6. Israel
7. Egypt
8. Morocco
9. Alaska
10. Iceland

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I have been to all your top 10 except the Taj Mahal in India. Been to India and don't really want to go back that much.

These were my favorite places in the World
1) Rome, Italy
2) Egypt, including cruise down the Nile.
3) Jerusalem, Israel
4) Athens, Greece
5) London, England
6) Paris, France
7) Machu Picchu in Peru
8) Panama Canal
9) Great Wall of China
10) Kyoto, Japan
11) Sydney, Australia
12) Grand Canyon, Arizona
13) Alaska
14) Cruise up the coast of Norway to the North Cape
15) Cruise around the Horn of South America from Buenos Aires to Chile.
16) Canadian Rockies, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise
17) Switzerland
18) Istanbul, Turkey
19) Highlands of Scotland
20) York, England
21) Florence, Italy
22) Venice, Italy
23) Sevile, Spain
24) Cruise on Douro River in Portugal
25) Munich, Germany
26) Berlin, Germany
27) St. Petersburg, Russia
28) New Zealand
29) Azores, Portugal
30) Iceland

I still have a few places more to visit, including the Bordeaux Region of France and the Basque Region of Spain, as well as our safari in Kenya and Tanzania this July. Also, want to do a tour of Ireland and go back to see some of the places that I have already visited.

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I always have a hard time letting go of reality when thinking about lists like these. Without pondering too much, I think if I could do the following places, and only the following places (not in order) , with no budgetary concerns, I'd be happy:

African safari

New Zealand

Repeat Rome, and see more of Italy that we haven't seen

Repeat Liverpool (or is that four-peat? -- would be our 4th visit)

Tahiti in an overwater bungalow


Northern Spain

Shetland Islands

Anywhere in Asia that feels really foreign

And maybe more of France outside of Paris.

That would make me a happy woman!

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Such a fun topic! I've loved seeing others' responses. I'm going to cheat and do my Top Ten With My Kids Before They Graduate College. My boys are currently 8 and 5.5. In no particular order:

1) Epic roadtrip through Atlantic Canada. Take the ferry from Maine to Nova Scotia, hit Annapolis Royal and Kejimkujik, lighthouses, up through Cape Breton, ferry to Newfoundland, Gros Morne and Vikings, St Johns and ferry back to NS, Louisbourg, prehistoric sites around Parrsboro, ferry to PEI to live my Anne of Green Gables dreams, cross the bridge to New Brunswick, down the coast via Hopewell rocks and Fundy to St. John and St. Andrew, then drive home. With lots of whale watching.

2) Epic roadtrip across USA, from our home in Connecticut to my sister's in LA and back. Route 66 is a must.

3) SPACE CAMP. I always wanted to go as a kid and would love to take my kids.

4) A family dino dig Out West (Wyoming, Montana, Alberta). My oldest has wanted to be a paleontologist since he was 3 and knows SO MUCH about dinosaurs and prehistoric life. He would love this.

5) Walk the Camino de Santiago, on the Camino Frances. This won't be until they are in high school, but I'm already looking forward to it.

6) A month in a Tuscan villa, with (my side of) the family. We haven't seen each other in over a year. What better way to come out of the pandemic than a lot of good food, wine and Renaissance art? And the kids can all just run wild in our big back yard.

7) Follow the Tour de France. My youngest loves the Tour. Well, he loves Peter Sagan and this year started rooting for Sam Bennett, so mainly he loves the sprint finishes, but still. It would be so cool to see the bikes race by and then enjoy the French countryside.

8) London/York/Cotswolds. When we can finally travel again, this is the first place I want to take the boys. I think it will be good for the age they'll be, and a way to ease them into travel. They'll love the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum and the Tower. And since most museums are free, I feel like I'll be able to see the highlights of things I want to see (like the National Gallery) without being too upset when they need to leave 30-60 minutes in. If I can add on, I think a few days in York would be cool, especially with all the Vikings. And I'd love to spend sometime getting lost in the Cotswolds.

9) Scotland. I want to go on a family walking tour through the Highlands, but also hit the Isle of Skye, and Orkney, and heck, maybe even Shetland!

10) This one is hard, because part of me wants to put Scandinavia, but especially Copenhagen and its surroundings (again, more Vikings). But I think - Yeah, it's gotta be the Galapagos. Both kids love nature and learning about animals and have LOVED marine iguanas since they first saw them on Wild Kratts. So the last spot has to go to the Galapagos.

Oh, it's so much fun to think about stuff like this! I wanted to take them to Europe last year, which obviously was impossible, as is this year (for us). Maybe 2022. Looking forward to checking at least a few things off this list!

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This is my NOT DONE or MUST REPEAT list, not prioritized and includes some US destinations
Costa Rica
Panama Canal-was scheduled for Dec 2020
Krakow, Prague, Budapest-first two likely for March 2022 as my husband has a business trip scheduled for Prague
Italy again-Rome, Florence, take husband to Orvieto cathedral, Ravenna, PIsa(cathedral not tower)
France again-another concert at Sainte Chappelle, more Loire, Colmar and Strasbourg, Rouen, St.. Denis
North Dakota, etc-was scheduled for July 2020
Natchez and Vicksburg
More UK, with a Rabbies tour that includes Yorkshire Dales(yes we've been watching the vet show), Wells-was scheduled for Mar 2020
Maybe a river cruise of Egypt
As always, Charleston-been there countless times, have a new bucket list for 2021-probably will live there at some point

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Hey Cala -

If venturing to the Yorkshire Dales then the Rabbies three day trip covers the Peak District (Derbyshire) the North York’s Moors (I love the NYM but it is not the Dales) as well as the Dales. It’s a good taster for all these areas, but is not very Herriot/ACGAS specific. There is a company I have discovered that does a day (by the looks of it, a long day) tour of the locations used in the most recent series. Take a look here:

Caveat Emptor! I’ve never used these guys, just found them on the web. By the looks of things they are fairly local to me judging by the telephone code - can’t see an address. Living locally I’d not need to use them - just jump in the car into an area I’m pretty familiar with (if the government will let me!). You could probably find something similar by other people by searching ‘All Creatures Great and Small location tours’ but the itinerary on the above site will give you food for thought! As will the Rabbies itinerary!

ATB! Ian

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Everyone’s got phenomenal lists, with places that look and sound very worthwhile. I’ve even been to some, so I can vouch for them.

Right at the moment, my current list is local restaurants and businesses that I’ve been avoiding during the pandemic. It’ll be great to be able to go to previously unconcerning, or even enjoyable places, without anxious concerns. Kicking the bucket took on new significance over the past year.

May everybody complete their lists, and be able to compile more!

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I don't have all ten -- but certainly including:
1) another full solar eclipse (2024 across the U.S. -- I will be 80!)
2) African safari
3) Egypt -- pyramids and Nile cruise (a la Amelia Peabody)
4) Atlantic crossing on the QEII (like Hyacinth Bucket ... pronounced Bouquet)

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There will be 2 lists. New places to visit and places for a repeat since we enjoyed the trip so much.

First time visiting:
Boot of Italy
Safari in Africa
Australia, especially Great Barrier Reef
St. Petersburg Russia
Gardens of U.K. in midsummer
Central Europe countries above Greece

Return trip:

Sevilla for at least 2 weeks
Trip to Alaska through US and Canada
Anywhere in Italy
Yellowstone NP and other NP
Anywhere in France

These lists could go on and on as we are avid explorers. I can’t imagine one last trip while I am living.

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Hmmmmm tough
I’ve had a blessed life and I’ve managed to see a lot of what I have wanted to. I tend to be practical too and that sort of trashes out a lot of options.

  1. North Pole: I would love to do the Russian North Pole icebreaker trip. But two weeks on an icebreaker? The $31,000 price tag doesn’t help either.

  2. Stratosphere: A tad more affordable at about $17,000.

  3. Titanic: $125,000 says that’s not happening anytime soon.

  4. Scotlyn Ranch, Idaho. Well actually 32,000 feet above Scotlyn Ranch. Again, a bit of a cost problem at $22,000.00

  5. Patagonia Fly Fishing. Finally something within the realm of affordability.

  6. Alaska Fly Fishing. Another choice I might be able to afford someday.

  7. Iran. I would love to visit Iran. What a stunning beautiful country. Some day when politics change.

  8. Uzbekistan. Probably my Bucket List number one choice. This is sort of a long video, but if doesn’t make you want to go ….

  9. Budapest. I have been traveling to Budapest a few times a year for about 20 years now. I can see myself doing it for the next 20 years. Never gets old.

  10. The Balkans. I never get tired of the Balkans. It is, in my view, the part of Europe most in balance for a wonderful week or two. Towns, cities, beaches and mountains. Ski, fish, hike or dance all night. Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox all in the same neighborhood. Tourism support, but not a tourist trap. Beautiful people.

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So many options, so little time. I turned 75 in January and am thankful every day I wake up. 😊 I get my 2nd vaccination shot next week, but I'm realistic about what I'll personally be able to do and what it will be possible to do in the near future.

I was scheduled for the RS Best of Ireland in 14 Days tour in May, 2020, with time in Dublin before it started and in Belfast after it ended. I was in Dublin way back in 2009 for a few days and was looking forward to a much longer and more thorough visit to the source of 7% of my DNA. Of course we all know what happened with that.

I'm hoping for that tour to be possible in early October of this year. So my #1 is to do that trip. It will almost complete my visits to the lands of my ancestry.

After that, my list will include some DNA fine-tuning to include Wales (5%), Brittany (shown both as part of my 7% Ireland and 29% Scotland) and more time in Iceland (shown as part of my 6% Norway).

I'm not thinking much farther into the future. And I am, as always, being distracted by thoughts of experiencing more Italy. And more Spain. And more France. But at present it looks like travel to the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain may likely be possible sooner than to the Continent.

I am definitely Euro-centric and have little interest in going much of anywhere else. Except maybe Peru or Egypt or New Zealand or ???

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What a fun topic. I had to spend a bit of time contemplating my wish list. I have three drawers in a file cabinet filled with information about many, many countries. As I get older I have decided there is no way to make it to all the places I would like to see. So slowly I've been eliminating many of them. This thread gave me cause to get even more serious about where to spend my travel time. So here goes:
Austria - I would like to travel by train throughout Austria. I've been to Salzburg three times and the Lakes area but that's it. I want to see more.
The Danube - a few years ago I grew enamored with The Blue Danube Waltz and decided I wanted to see the source of the Danube. So included in the next trip to Germany we took the train to Donaueschingen, the town closest to that point and walked in the rain to that spot. There was the confluence of two streams. It was worth the walk. Now I am interested in taking a cruise on the Danube.
A Train Across Canada - my HU is especially interested in this but I know I would enjoy it too. We have friends who have done it. They said it was a fantastic experience.
Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and perhaps England - On March 12, 2020 I bought a map of Ireland to help prepare for a trip in the fall of 2020. Well, we all know how that turned out. We no longer rent automobiles for travel so planning for this trip will entail a lot more work re the logistics of getting from place to place. My HU has a strong Irish ethnicity as do I. And I also have ethnicity in the other three countries.
A Family History Trip - This trip would include Scandinavia, Germany, France and Switzerland. (I know I've already listed four other countries as family history type trips. My Dad always said we were "mongrels". After working on genealogy, I joyfully acknowledge he was right.) I have been to some villages in Switzerland where my ancestors lived but want trip with a focus on seeing other locations in these countries.
Central and Eastern Europe - we have never taken an organized multi-country tour, always choosing to travel independently. However, I would like an organized three week tour or two week tours of each area. My knowledge of these areas is not as great as I would like and I believe and organized tour would be the best way to increase this knowledge. Or perhaps I am just too lazy to do the research on my own.
New Zealand - After I spent a month in Australia over 30 years ago, it seemed all my friends asked if I'd also been to New Zealand. I had not and have not. From all I've read and heard it is a beautiful country. My niece traveled there and stated she loved it so much she could live there. I would like to see it someday.

That's only six wishes. However, my ability to travel at this time is limited as I, like others of you on this forum, am the caregiver for an elderly relative. In a way, the pandemic helped me cope with the inability to travel frequently. There are other places I would like to see, but if I have to limit it, these are my top picks.

Here's to all of us who love to travel. May all our travel dreams come true soon.

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Other than Cuba, I don’t have a top 10, but will be happy to travel again. For those who want to visit Machu Picchu, try to get a reservation to climb Waynapicchu while there and try to spend a couple days in Cuzco. For those with an interest in Buenos Aires a day trip to Colonia, Uruguay would be worthwhile if you have the time. In addition to Buenos Aires, consider Santiago, Chile or Quito, Ecuador. My wife and I loved all of them. We only walked the last 120km of the Camino de Santiago but would consider the entire Camino Frances once I’m retired. I’ve transited both the Suez and Panama Canals, but would like to see the new Panama Canal locks. Would also like to visit the Scandinavian countries and some of the former eastern block countries like Slovenia, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, and Lithuania. I’d also. Like to spend more time in Budapest.

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My wish list (in no particular order):

  • Greece
  • Petra, Jordan
  • South Pacific (Bora Bora? Tahiti?)
  • Angkor Wat
  • Great Wall of China (other parts of China, too?)
  • African Safari (Serengeti?)
  • Paris
  • London
  • St. Petersburg
  • Ravenna

My really-want-to-go-there-again list:

  • Gulet cruise in Turkey (and Istanbul and other parts of Turkey, too)
  • Egypt
  • Carnival in Venice
  • Rome
  • Matera, Italy
  • Yellowstone
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I have never done these type of lists, even in my head. For me, travel just sort of evolves when opportunities arise. I enjoy reading what everyone else likes though:)

James--My husband has been through the ice up there, via submarine. Of course he was getting paid to do that, lol. Also the fishing in Alaska, but not where there are any lodges or anything. Family lives deep in the bush up there so we go visit every other year or so and they take us on adventures all around their area. The only way there is by their bush plane as there are no roads, no villages, nothing. It is always weird to come out of the bush and see other people again, and of course our cell phones pretty much blow up with all the missed texts/calls. The first time we went, it was truly shocking, but now we are used to it.

One place that just has never been on my radar is Costa Rica. We are headed there next year though for a relatives wedding, so I need to figure out how long we will go and all that.

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1. New Zealand and Australia
2. African safari
3. The Rockies
4. I've recently re-taken up biking and see a few trails I'd love to do - one on Lake Garda and one around Lake Annecy - tentative for 2023
5. Scotland (cancelled last year, prob next year!)
6. Chateaux in France, also hopefully next year w/my mom
7. I'll toss Japan in for my husband
8. Greece
9. Christmas markets somewhere in Europe
10. a return to Switzerland - we only had 3 nights there 11 years ago and I've been itching to return

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In no order ... haven't been but want to ...

1) Tour de France (this might be actually #1) at least a week of it
2) Great Barrier Reef
3) Galapagos
4) Northern lights (Norway or Alaska)
5) Switzerland (we have two Bernese Mountain dogs and would love to see their "home")
6) Cape Town
7) A walk in England
8) Basque Country
9) Maine .... my last state to visit
10) Some Pacific islands not Hawaii - Cooks maybe Tahiti
11) ride the Orient Express
12) Sail the Turquoise Coast and visit Istanbul
13) Iran - ever since RS show on Iran it's been on "my list"
14) win the lottery so I can pay for all this!!!

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Fun topic! In no particular order

African safari
Easter Island
Great Wall of China
More of Wales
More of Scotland
Return visits to just about anywhere I’ve already been.

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Probably a lot of repeats here but I love the concept.

Croatia - truffle season
Paris - Eiffel Tower season :)
Scottish Highlands
Angkor Wat (prob have that wrong)
Tibetan Monk monastery cut into the rocks high above anything that is the coolest place on earth
Tokyo/Kyoto to see how zany city life is, plus sushi
African safari
Macho Pinco (sp?).

This is 10. If I’m lucky enough to see all these guess I could agree to no further travel. But it’s a big world an am sure I’m missing something….

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I have been to 4 of your 10.

Although I have been to the Serengeti on safari and been on safari in South Africa, I would love another in Etosha, Namibia, a break the budget Botswana trip or a tiger safari in India.

See the snow monkeys, cranes and temples of Japan, stay in a ryokan and travel on the bullet train.


Finish the visit to the beautiful Sri Lanka that got cut short by the dash home before Covid lockdown.

See gorillas in the wild

Travel the old Silk Road

The wine lands of South Africa - didn’t have time for these despite 3.5 weeks in SA

Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam - probably at least 2 separate trips, each of 4-6 weeks. Had 5-6 weeks pencilled in for Cambodia this year, before Covid hit.

Cuba - heard mixed things about it, but need to see it before it changes too much.

Brazil and Argentina are my two big gaps in South America and I have loved what I have seen of the rest of the continent.

Yellowstone makes it 11 not 10.

Other than Sri Lanka, my other return trip would be to the awesome Galapagos and see different parts of Ecuador not covered in my previous trip.

Although I would love to see the Taj Mahal in India, I think the crowds would annoy me. The rest of India has more appeal - the colour, scenery, wildlife and birds, culture and smells.

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This is a fun topic!

Let's see, I love to travel, so the next 10 places I'd like to go...

  1. France (Paris, Normandy, Painted Caves)
  2. Italy (Rome, Pompeii)
  3. Auschwitz (Will probably do the Rick Steves Poland tour and stay extra days to see Auschwitz)
  4. Egypt
  5. Athens
  6. Sequoias in California
  7. New York City
  8. The rest of the Laura Ingalls Wilder sites that I haven't see yet (Mansfield and Malone NY)
  9. England/Wales/Scotland
  10. England!
  11. Ireland
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Your top 10 are similar to mine, but I have not been to the Taj in India. Been to SW India and frankly don't wish to return.

The Serengeti
The City of Rome
The Pyramids in Cairo
The Parthenon in Athens
The shrines and temples in Kyoto, Japan
The Taj Mahal in India
The Great Wall of China
Machu Picchu in the Andes of Peru
The Eiffel Tower at night in Paris
The British Museum in London

We had an E. African safari booked for Summer of 2020, but COVID19 resulted in postponing it twice until 2022.
I would not put the Eifel Tower or the British Museum in my top ten, but those were great ones.

I would add
Nile Cruise
Sailing on cruise ship around the Horn of SA.
The terra-cotta warriors in Xian, China
St. Petersburg, Russia
Alaska cruise near a huge glacier in Glacier Bay

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I've been fortunate to have visited many wonderful places, but I can tell my body is slowing down and Covid has definitely put a huge dent in my travel plans.

Here's my list of new places I still think I'll be able to see, in no particular order:
Northern Spain - Basque country and Galicia
Oxford, Cambridge, York
Normandy, Loire, Aquitaine, Provence
Umbria, Apulia, Calabria
St Petersburg (somewhat of a repeat) and Moscow
Graceland and Grand Ole Opry

And my list of possible but not likely places:
Egypt (security is dicey)
Japan ($$$)
Denali ($$$)

And my impossible list:
Ancient ruins in the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, etc)
Antarctica (seasickness)
Earthrise from the surface of the moon
A walk on Mars

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Here is mine, or at least one version, but it is always changing. With time passing I know I will only get to some of them:

  1. Berner Oberland of Switzerland
  2. Greece: Athens, Peloponnese, Naxos
  3. Dordogne and Alsace in France
  4. A safari in either Botswana or Tanzania
  5. VietNam (including Halong Bay) or Thailand
  6. Southern Spain and Madrid
  7. Cruise on the Paul Gaugin plus a few days on one of the islands (Bora Bora?)
  8. Return to places already visited in Italy, especially Tuscany, Florence, and Rome (plus Umbria for something new)
  9. Sicily
  10. Costa Rica