Yet Another Shoe Question

I have read a lot on here about shoes choices -- I know you all are probably getting sick of them, but I have one more that I have not yet found the answer to...

I will be in Europe the end of April and beginning of May (all over: Paris, Italy, Germany)and it seems like the weather could be all over the place. What type of shoe would you recommend to accommodate this? I don't want my feet to be too hot or cold...

Posted by Stuart
Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
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Will you mainly be walking around cities or going hiking at all?

I would recommend Ecco Track II Low. They're comfortable, look decent, have good tread for hiking, and are also Gore-Tex.

Posted by Jesse
St. Louis, MO, USA
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I guess I was more wondering what style of shoe.. I've noticed a lot of walking shoes have little holes here and there, if I wore socks would that be warm enough for April/May or do I need something a little heaver.

Also, mostly cities, and a little CT hiking.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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OK, I don't do a lot of long distance hiking in Europe, but I walk a bit more than I do at home. To me, walking around in Europe is no different than over here. I have a pair of high top hiking boots that I got at Walmart. They do the job for me. I did make sure they were well tested over here before I took them to Europe.

BTW, these are my only shoes. I wear them on the plane and all the time over there.

Posted by JER
Seattle, USA
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If you are concerned primarily about temperature comfort, think about the socks that you take. Microfiber socks I think are comfortable and fit well because of their stretch, but they don't breathe particularly well and they definitely don't insulate against cold. (I found that out the hard way once in upstate New York, but that's another forum...) Wool is about the best for foot comfort, avoiding blisters, and keeping you warm or cool, and it comes in a variety of thicknesses.

Posted by Anne
Albuquerque, NM, USA
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Shoes are one of the most important considerations for your trip.
Whatever you do, you should wear whatever walking shoe is most comfortable for you. Test them at home by walking for a couple of miles - you will be on your feet more than you realize. European cities and museums are not known for having resting places, ie, chairs, benches, etc.
Remember that you are likely to be in areas that get rain or even cold weather (ie, the Italian Alps), so have a pair of enclosed shoes (no "breathing holes") so you can stay dry. For hot weather, I also take good sandals with support straps across the foot and behind the ankle. Again, because you'll be walking a lot, support is important.
I also suggest bringing plenty of moleskin just in case you find that your shoes do "rub you the wrong way." Have a great trip!

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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I wear my Skecher Shape-ups year round. Have been wearing them on a daily basis since the middle of July, walking an average of 2-7 hours per day on all kinds of streets, including lots of cobblestones, both small and large, and also in the rain and snow this winter. Never once did I have wet feet, as the soles are higher, but really soft and cushy. Never had a blister and didn't even have to break them in. They are truly the best shoes I have ever had. They have several different models, including a sandal one. So, try a pair on and see the difference. Even after a long day, my feet don't hurt and I am still bouncing along.

Posted by Roland
Westminster, CO, USA
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I go everywhere with my Reebock Crosstrainers. They are black and they come up to just below the ankle. I've worn them everywhere and with everything. I wear them with a suit when I go to operettas or concerts – they blend right in - they are comfortable enough for day long walks on city pavement – day after day, and they give enough foot and ankle support for mountain hikes. I've had mine now for at least 5 years and they are still in great shape after many miles over all kinds of terrain and through all kinds of weather.

I've also heard good things about Rockports, but the pair of walking shoes I had were not nearly as comfortable and versatile as my Reebocks. It's possible I didn't have the best model.

Posted by Ron
Carbondale, IL, USA
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I'm very fond of New Balance walking shoes. The model I wear is the 927.

I have also been wearing Smartwool socks that are great

Posted by Jesse
St. Louis, MO, USA
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I'm considering the ECCO Yarrah shoe but it has an opening in the back so I don't know if that will be warm enough for the time we're there.

Posted by michael
lake city, MN
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Thanks all. Going to Scotland April. From what I read I will take my broken in Red Wing (Still made in Red Wing) all leather/no holed/mink oiled walking type shoes. Dark brown, may not be dressy enough?

I switch shoes daily, so find it interesting most take one pair. 2 week trip still OK??

Posted by Angela
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Michael, those should be dressy enough unless you are going to a very fancy restaurant in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Most important would be that they are waterproof!