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Yes, I need (Itinerary) help.

Here is my current itinerary for my next trip and I'd like to see what you think:

Day 1: Arrive in London, train to Edinburgh.

Day 2: Walk the Royal Mile. Fly to Dublin. Go to Temple Bar, have a Guinness, fly to Bristol, train to Bath.

Day 3: Take Hop-on, Hop-off Bus. Hop off at train station. Train to London, Eurostar to Brussels, get a Belgium Beer and some chocolate, see the kid "take a leak" Train to Luxembourg.

Day 4. Take the 15 minute in-depth tour of Luxembourg City, train to Paris. Eat a crepe.

Day 5: Take Hop-on Hop Off Bus Tour of Paris. Hop Off at Gare de Lyon. Train to Nice.

Day 6: Train to Monaco, stop at Casino to lose some money, realize it's only open at night, continue on train to Florence.

Day 7: Skip lines, see fake David outside near one of the museums. Train to Rome.

Day 8: Throw coins in Trevi fountain hoping I'll return to actually see Rome someday, take train to Venice. Take Traghetti across the Grand Canal instead of gondola to save time and money. Fly to Munich. (I skip Switzerland because if I want to see the Matterhorn, I can always go to Disneyland.)

Day 9. Have beer in Munich. Train to Amsterdam. Get wasted late than night in an Amsterdam coffee house. Get arrested because I got off in Hamburg instead of Amsterdam and getting wasted there is against the law. (it was late--but free overnight accomodations.)

Day 10: Train to Amsterdam, get wasted at real Amsterdam coffee house.

Day 11-14: I really like the "coffee" they serve in Amsterdam coffee houses.

Day 15: Ferry to London

Day 13: See all the sights destroyed by rioters during the G-20 meetings. Have a pint. Wish I was back in Amsterdam. Fly to Amsterdam.

Day 16-20: Visit all remaining coffee houses in Amsterdam

Day 21: Fly home. Get refund on return portion of ticket since I didn't need the plane.

Is this doable....Do you think I should make any changes...are any of you wondering why I'm posting this on April 1?

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Franklin (aka Frank)....I think it's doable...since you'll apparently be "blitzed" most of the time anyway! ;)

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Don't change a thing. I think it's perfect just the way it is.

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I don't think you should fly home on Day 15. I think you should try to stay in the Schengen Zone for longer than 90 days, but make no prior arrangements.

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Yes, it's very workable, so much so that I think RS offers this as a new tour and I'm first on the list.

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April Fools? Whaddya mean? I thought you were cherry picking from the best itineraries posted here. I gotta get back to the thread about seeing the David reproduction in Vegas...

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Frank II: We know you can survive, and even thrive, on this itinerary--because you're young and energetic. But I must point out a few itinerary optimizing strategies you missed:1. Delete Italy entirely, you can see all that stuff in EuroLand Las Vegas: Bellagio, Venice, The David, Rome fountains galore, Vegas has got all of that stuff.2. Delete Paris, Vegas has got that, too.3. With the 3 days you save, you can "hit" most of Eastern Europe.4. I'm afraid you're guilty of insufficient exploitation of night train vacation-enhancement strategies: I was disappointed to see there are some nights you did not utilize night trains! Why sleep in a bed that stays in one spot, when you can sleep in one that's constantly being vigorously jerked all night. You can wake up (exhausted) in another destination every morning.

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It looks pretty good, but I think you could squeeze another city in there if you took a night bus.

I have heard also that there is a great Hofbrau haus in Vegas, so you could save that trip to Munich and go someplace else, like Spain.

Let me know if you would like to know what the weather is like in Europe. I also have stats on the dog-poop levels in all major cities.

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I used to have to go to Vegas every couple of weeks for work...I would tell people in one day I traveled from Egypt (Luxor) to New York (New York, New York) to Paris (Paris Hotel) to Venice (Venetian) to Rome (Caesars Forum) to Northern Italy (Bellagio)....and never had to fly Ryanair. And if I needed to see more of Europe, I could always drive two hours south of Vegas to see Lake Havasu and see London Bridge.

The reason I didn't include any night trains in my itinerary is because I've heard of the high theft problem on those trains and I'm not sure what the law is regarding citizen's arrests on international trains.

And anyway, I need my beauty sleep which is why I stay away from hostels and stay in "hostiles"--those are hotels where the staff isn't very nice.

And, you should all know, I taking one carry on bag, without wheels, and keeping it to 17.4 pounds, .2 pounds less than is allowed by Lufthansa just in case I decide to change my itinerary and fly Lufthansa.

I also found out I could extend my next trip to Europe and have made a few changes to my itinerary. Please let me know if I'm utilizing my time to the maximum benefit possible.

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Franklin, I suggest you spend your entire time in the A'dam coffehouses. You can imagine that you are doing all the rest while enjoying your 'coffee'.

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Franklin, after reading your post I think there is one word in your subject line that could be eliminated. :)

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Ever thought about writing a travel book, of sorts? Good stuff, my friend.

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Between Munich and Amsterdam include a short stop in Rothenburg ob der Tauber just to do the night watchman's tour. Then continue on the night train to Amsterdam.

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Hilarious! I'm still wiping the tears from my eyes!
Thank you for making my day!

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We review a lot of itineraries here. A common failure we're seeing in itineraries recently submitted is:Itineraries that are too slow!So we've brought back an example, from the Helpline's Itinerary Guru, to show less experienced travelers how to do it right. An actual itinerary from our Itineray Guru's recent trip is in the OP, scroll up to see how a Real American Traveler "does Europe." The Bottom Line: Leave the slow down and relax itineraries to the Europeans, who get 5 weeks of paid vacation. There'll be plenty of time to slow down and relax after we pass on to that Big European Vacation in the Sky.

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Brilliant itinerary, Frank II! The only question I have, really, is that you fly home all hopped up on espresso from Amsterdam...but seems to me you could at least sneak in a layover in ICELAND! They could really use the cash right now, and why waste the whole flight home without working in one more stop? (;

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Excellent suggestion, Gio! We're going to have to put you on the Helpline Subcommittee for Itinerary Review. But in fairness, although Frank II is our Itinerary Guru, nobody's perfect--even he needed a little help with the itinerary--I thought a nice touch was contributed by Andreas of Germany, who suggested that in between Munich and Amsterdam, he could make a special night stop in Rothenburg ob der Tauber just to do the night watchman's tour, then continue on the night train to Amsterdam. No need to waste an entire night not sleeping on the night train.

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1) The reasons for my visit to Amsterdam coffee houses had nothing to do with espresso.

2) I didn't take a night train to Amsterdam...I just got off in the wrong place and got a free night's accommodation thanks to the friendly Hamburg Polizei.

3) I didn't stop over in Iceland because Icelandair has terrible carry-on limits....even people with the infamous Campmor bag can't pass that one.

4) I left out the fact that I got pickpocketed in Rome. They got my travelers checks. But it was okay. After they realized what they had, the thieves returned them to me saying "We don't even want these; Don't you have any cash?"

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Frank II wrote: After they realized what they had, the thieves returned them to me saying "We don't even want these; Don't you have any cash?" When even Rome pick-pockets don't want your travelers checks, you know they're worthless.