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Winter - One Day Only

We are traveling to Saarbrucken, Germany for Christmas with the in-laws. We are also spending one day in Paris and one in Copenhagen, bookending our trip. Any suggestions for the dead of winter in either city? I really like RS walking tours, but I'm thinking it'll be frigid, and maybe even rainy. Plus, Paris will be on a Sunday, so churches are more difficult, at least until late afternoon. Thanks!

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It's going to be cold in all those cities, maybe less in paris. I went to paris one time for New Year and there was no snow and not very cold.
In Paris I would visit some museums and take the subway, or if the weather is OK just walk around.
I don't know Saarbrucken in Germany, but I think you can find some cool museums in Copenhagen.
In Paris just go to a restaurant and worm up with some wine. :)
Now I remember in paris we took the bateau on Seine.It was windy and cold, but worth it.
Have fun