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Who signs a minor's passport?

This question is not about the passport application, but about the passport book itself. We just received the passports for our children. Opposite the photo page is a page with a "Signature of Bearer" line. My children are age 12 and 9, so they are both old enough to be able to sign their own names in cursive, but is that the correct thing to do? Or should parent(s) sign them?

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Wouldn't the passport office personnel be the best people to answer this question???

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We always had our kids sign them. No one has ever looked at or checked the signature other than it is signed. I am the sure their signature would like it matches their ages.

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My son is 7 and signed his own. My daughter is 3, so I signed hers for her, with my name, stating that I was her mother signing for her. I did the same with my son's old passport, which he got before he was 2. Don't know the exact legalities of that, but it seemed to make the most sense.

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If the child can sign their own name, they sign. My daughter was 5 when she got hers and we were told to just leave it blank. Now she is 8 and has an "official" signature.

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My kids signed theirs. It's funny how both the picture and the signature age pretty quickly with kids.