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Who are the world's best tourists?

In a first-annual survey, Expedia asked 4,000 hoteliers their opinions of various nationalities. The Japanese got the most praise. Americans not in the top ten.

Another fun read: Are you spending your stimulus check on travel?

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Kent, my husband and I leave tomorrow for a week in London, followed by several days in Normandy. All my life, I have wanted to stand on those beaches and in that cemetery and honor those men and the families who cherished them. This is the year.

And we vow to be great tourists! :-)

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Sharon: Standing in the American Cemetery above Omaha Beach will make you said and inspire you. Those young men, some just barely out of boyhood, never got to see more than a hundred yards of Europe.

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Well, consider the source.

To draw an extreme analogy--and not to make any invidious comparisons--who would make the top 10 list of a poll of car salesmen? Not me, I hope.

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I think it's kind of ludicrous to say "who makes the best toursist" by nationality as if all of them are the same.

The best tourists are those who travel to new places expecting different experiences and have respect for the people and areas they are visitng.

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I only got the chance to read the survey now: Ask Spanish or Italian hotel owners and they'll tell you how much they hate those always-drunk vandalizing British and German tourists who never shut up. I mean personally I am of course more one of those most tidy ones ;-)