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Which weather site do you use for European weather

I'm heading to Slovenia in two weeks and the weather sites I have been using (accuweather and timeanddate) vary greatly! Which weather sites do you use that you find pretty accurate for Europe?

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I use BBC weather, but I have only used it for UK and it was accurate.

I just tried it for my present location in California and it is off (warmer) by a couple of degrees, otherwise accurate in terms of cloud cover, no rain.

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I would use local forecasts. Use Google Translate to find "weather forecasts" in Slovenian and then search for it in Google Search.

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For Europe I would forget the ones named in #1 and all US based services.

National and regional weather services are normally most accurate.
For European view delivers detailed forecasts based on various models.

Also news from ARD group, first German public TV amf radio network, delivers a view and forecast about general weather situation in Europe without going too much into detail of a country. Weekdays on 7.50 pm on ARD / Das Erste you will get a very reliable forecast for the next days - understandable also for non German spaeakers.

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At the suggestion of locals (I ask hotel receptionists) I've been using the Norwegian weather website as I travel through Finland and the Baltic countries this year. I'm not sure Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (all very small) maintain their own meteorology departments. Normally, I'm convinced that a local website is the way to go. Here are a few:


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I use Accuweather and whichever site/app is local to the country.

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I'm not sure Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (all very small) maintain
their own meteorology departments.

Of course they do. Even in small countries it's important to know the weather.

Normally, I'm convinced that a local website is the way to go.

I agree. The local weather service will most likely give you the best forecasts. (As in the most accurate forecast, not the forecast with the best weather 😀 )

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The local folks I talked to sure liked Perhaps they prefer that UI. I liked it myself.

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I just use the weather app that came with my iPhone. I add the cities I’m visiting months before the trip and start checking out the weather because I just love the anticipation of being there. It’s been accurate every trip I’ve taken.

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Weather. Handel app. It’s slow but seems to be as accurate as anything else.

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I'm a retired airline pilot and experienced Alaska/BC boater. is the best, most comprehensive site and app. The models available on Windy are the ones that "local" meteorologists pull from around the world, including the NWS in the US. Meteorologists will often review several models when developing forecasts.

I find the ECMWF (European based model, but very accurate in the USA as well) model on Windy the most useful, although the other models available on Windy are also useful.

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To stay informed on the daily weather I rely on the local news on TV almost every morning or the night before to see what forecast in temperature, rain, sunny, etc in Germany , Austria, and France.

The morning the local news programs include obviously periodically weather reports I understand enough French (barely) to get what's going on in the weather. The German is absolutely no problem. These reports cover also Europe as a whole not merely what the forecast in the local country is.

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Thanks SeattleTucson, I’m using the site and it’s great. I appreciate all the ideas.

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Windy app takes a lot of space, I use it for sailing. For just weather, I'd suggest I like it much better than any media related app. I regularly debate with my wife the accuracy of my vs. the one she uses, Ever since the weather channel started naming winter storms (something they invented), they lost me completely.