Which is more accurate: ViaMichelin or theAA.com route planner

I am trying to plan a route from Chipping Campden to Durham by rental car. The ViaMichelin site states it takes 3hrs 40min....theAA.com site states it takes 4hrs 15min. They have only a minor difference in the route plan. Anyone used either of these? If so what was the accuracy? Has anyone actually drove this route?If so how long did it take you....and any tips! thanks

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I found the Via Michelin routes to be very accurate but have heard their driving times are optimistic. When I was actually driving we stopped too often to really test the times predicted by Michelin.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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I'd go with whichever one gives the longer time. That way, if it actually takes less time you'll be pleasantly surprised. But it's more likely that it will take longer, since you will stop along the way.

Posted by Kent
Pacific Northwest
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The AA is the Auto Association of the UK. I don't know whether that would give them greater accuracy when mapping a UK route. But it's a second reason to take Nancy's susggestion: take the longer of the two, in Europe driving always seems to take longer than you think, anyway. And neither time estimate is intended to include time for pit stops, stretch breaks, construction, or anything with traffic that is not predictable. So the actual time will be well more than either time estimate.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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In continental Europe, I have found ViaMichelin the most accurate, because they correct their estimations based on real-time traffic reports. That's why they ask for your date and time of travel. But the implied task is that the estimation you received two months ago may no longer apply for the drive you plan tomorrow morning.

Posted by Nigel
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Guys, the clue to the fact that the question was asked in 2008 is the response by the greatly missed Kent. This is one of the very old zombies which floated, like cream in a bottle, to the top of the pile in the recent redo of the Helpline.

I believe Tara has probably made her journey to Durham. It would be nice, Tara, if you could tell us how it went.

Posted by Tom
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Damn! I let down my guard and I got caught.

Hey, with all these old zomby threads spontaneously popping up out of the oblivion, wouldn't it be something if the magic in the ether resurrects the Hula-hoop lady narrative of yore?

Posted by Nigel
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You are right - - - bring on the HULA HOOP LADY!!

Posted by Adam
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It is sort of nice to hear from Kent after all this time.

Posted by Jeff
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Google maps shows 2 options, one taking 3:40 and the other, slightly longer, 3:51.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Damn! I, too, thought Kent was back :-(

Sorry for the intrusion, Tara.