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Which hiking walk was this?

A few years back, we watched an episode where Rick walked from small village to small village in mountains in Europe, and the trail went through a few different countries. At night, group stayed in hostile type lodging and were fed. I think it was an organized group. We have dreamed of doing it since that episode, but have forgotten what the name of the episode or trail was! Do you remember?

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That may be the Lyon and the French Alps episode.

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Hey there, looks like you're new to the forum so welcome! I've done a 5-night, 45 mile hike from hut (refugio) to hut in the Italian & Swiss Alps with a group of Swiss friends, who did all the planning.

Just a few things to note - 1) These huts get booked out, so plan ahead. 2) A mile in the Alps isn't a mile if there's much vertical involved. 3) NO hot running water, our packs were light and it was still onerous. 4) Hiking sticks saved me. 5) Some huts have a room filled with 20+ smelly hikers, not the most blissful night's sleep! 6) Rick notes this is one of the busiest hikes in the Alps, why not choose another, less busy one? The views will still be gorgeous. 7) I seem to recall arriving 2 days early in the higher elevation Alps to acclimate. 8) One of the days, I hiked down, slept in a decent hotel, got up the next morning & took a bus around the valley & up to meet my EXHAUSTED fellow hikers, who said it was a tortuous day. So look at the elevation changes.

Was it worth it?? Absolutely. Would I do the 110 miles outlined on this RS blog on a very busy trail? Not a chance. I bet some of those '10 mile' days were up, down up, down... Bon Viaggio!

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At night, group stayed in hostile type lodging

That sounds very much Devon and Fawlty Towers in Torqauy.