Which Captial One card?

There are 3 different Capital One cards available. I've read on this board that the CO card is better for charging while in Europe...no charge for exchanging $ to Euro....am I correct in this?

I noticed that my Visa charged me $24 for a deposit of $800 for our trip, I'm trying to avoid that additional charge...is Cap One the way to go?

There are 2 VISA's...one has a $39 annual fee. the other one is free. I'm JUST wanting to save $$ on the exchange rate for our trip next month, don't care about the air miles, etc, but it's a nice bonus.

Posted by Debra
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Just get one without the annual fee. I got a Capital One No Hassle Cash card and it has NO annual fee, and we weren't charged anything for the foreign conversion when I booked flights, etc.

Posted by Rick
Chicago, IL, USA
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I second Debra's comments. We got the No Hassle card that gives 1% cash back and have been happy with it. The conversion rate that Capital One charges is pretty much the Interbank Rate, which is the best there is. Capital One eats the 1% fee from Visa. Plus, they don't add on any fees of their own. Citibank WAS charging us 3% for foreign currency transactions (MasterCard's 1% plus Citibank's 2%). Not anymore. We stopped using them for non-US transactions. Citibank priced themselves out of the market.

Posted by Stacy
Seattle, WA, USA
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Is Capital One in general good about no international fees? I would like to apply for the No Hassles card after all that I read on this board, but if the No Hassles Card with the miles bonus has the same perk, that'd be even better :)

Posted by Debra
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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I believe that ALL CapitalOne cards have no foreign transaction fees, but they let you look at the terms of each card before you sign up, so look at the one you want and look at the specific terms and conditions and make sure it says something like "Foreign Transaction Fee: None" somewhere near the top. :)