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Which bag would be better for me in Italy and trains?

I have it down to 2 choices.
We will be in Italy for about 21 days and using the trains.
I think I will either by Rick's 21 inch rollaboard or the bag I saw at Magellans that is called a - 20" Walkin Bag.
Both weigh almost the same.
I like the 20" roll aboard because it has 4 wheels and I can sit on it when I need a seat. (I had a knee replacement last year). From reading on this site an others, I am not use if it wheels are okay for dragging up and down steps at the train stations and it seems Rick's can be dragged up and down steps if necessary. Has anyone ever used the bag from Magellans? I have been reading how you have a lot of steps at some train station to climb to get to your next train.

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Marie, I definitely think it would be best if you had Rick Steves' 21" Roll Aboard. I was 64 when traveling through out Western Europe and CR for 8 weeks. I used it often to sit on.

I may add there were some elevators in some train stations - but forgot where. There was also a thing like a slidder to the right and left of the stairs that you put your luggage on and just slide them up or down. The slidder does not move.

Just noticed you were going to only Italy. Perhaps they will have them there.

Before your trip. Learn the work for lift and elevator and get to the train stations early in order to find them.

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Hi Marie,
I went to Italy for two weeks a couple of years ago and did Venice to Calabria-Sicily on trains. I took a backpack and was glad I did. It is damn difficult to lug a suitcase up the stairs, onto the train and then try to find space. The backpack with no frame, worked like a charm. I'm no youngster and I felt I had to be the one to lift and carry, not expecting any help. My friend, took a duffle and by our second stop she purchased a rolling bag. Whatever you decide, make sure you can handle it going up and down stairs.

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Marie, just go slow up the stairs. There may be a nice gentleman that may offer to help.

Get to the stations early.

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We just returned from 2 weeks in Italy. Which ever bag you choose, don't over pack. Wheels are very helpful except when there are lots of stairs. It was hard getting on and off crowded trains and buses with a heavy bag. There are lots of steps in train stations to get to other platforms. Try taking a walk with your suitcase packed. Don't roll it, carry it. There were plenty of places to do laundry. We ordered Rick Steve's day packs for daily use when sight-seeing. It is lightweight and smaller than most backpacks.

Have a great trip to Italy!
Powder Springs, GA

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if you are short, as i am, it is very difficult to lift a heavy bag onto the trains. i would rehearse that operation, and also practice putting it on a shelf over my head. sometimes there is someone to help you, but mostly no. and on some trains your luggage is right there in the aisle...

personally, i like wheels if they don't make the suitcase too heavy. my sister in law had a knee and hip replacement, and she insists on 4 wheels.

for italy, i take only black and white lightweight clothing and sandals. that way everything goes with everything else.