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which bag to purchase

I am looking to purchase another rolling carryon. I think I have narrowed it down, but am looking for advice. I already have the campmor version or rick steves bag, for when i don't want wheels. So I am really looking for a wheeled carry-on.

Can anyone give me advice on the Eagle creek tarmac 22" versus victorinox emotion 22" versus the rick steves 21" roller versus another bag I haven't though of?

I am a bit concerned that the tarmac dimensions are slightly higher than current US standards, but on ebags it has high ratings and only one review said that it wouldn't fit/told he had to check it.

Also, those of you who travel to Europe with a rolling case have you been able to carry it on?

Thanks for any advice,

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My husband and I both have Ricks bags and we love them. We have the 21-inch roller for longer trips, the Avanti for weekend or overnight trips, and the Civita day bag for day tripping. The Civita is amazing in that it will hold all your guidebooks, rain gear and anything else you need--I swear the thing grows room everytime you put something in it. Nice thing about it is that it's made of such nice material that it's not only comfortable and sturdy, it will roll up into a nice small ball for packing into your other bags. We have never had a problem fitting our bags in overhead or under the seats of aircraft (in Europe or the US) and I highly recommend all these bags.

Have a wonderful trip!