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which bag to purchase

I am looking to purchase another rolling carryon. I think I have narrowed it down, but am looking for advice. I already have the campmor version or rick steves bag, for when i don't want wheels. So I am really looking for a wheeled carry-on.

Can anyone give me advice on the Eagle creek tarmac 22" versus victorinox emotion 22" versus the rick steves 21" roller versus another bag I haven't though of?

I am a bit concerned that the tarmac dimensions are slightly higher than current US standards, but on ebags it has high ratings and only one review said that it wouldn't fit/told he had to check it.

Also, those of you who travel to Europe with a rolling case have you been able to carry it on?

Thanks for any advice,

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Each airline has their own set of rules. If you choose the smaller of the 2, you're bound to be safer than selecting the larger size one.

Remember in Europe they case must fit in the overhead. Some airlines like easyjet won't let you carry on a luggage regardless because of the lack of space onboard.

I always carry a backpack in case I have to check in. That way I can toss my "essential" items in the backpack, and check in.

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We carried our Rick Steves' 21" Roll Aboard as carry on with no problems and it was loaded at the max we weighed them before departing home.

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I think the Eagle creek would have size issues on crowded US flights.

I suggest you consider the eBags 21" roller for good value and materials; I think it would hold up better than the RS roller.

I also suggest you consider getting a luggage cart (the collapsible kind) to attach to your lightweight Campmor bag.

What are the weights of the bags? That can make a difference even in roller bags.