Where would you go?!

HELP! My husband and I just found out our European adventure is soon to come to a close, we have been living in Germany for 4 years. We have 6 months left and we are planning our last minute travels. Assuming we will not have to opportunity to come back to Europe, where should we go. Here is the list of where we have been: Africa(Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania), Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, England (London, Bath, Stonhenge), Estonia, Finland, France(Paris, Provence, Loire Valley, Normandy), Germany(North, South, East, West), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy(Rome, Florence, Venice, Pisa, Verona), Liechtenstein, Luxembourgh, Maldives, Malta, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slokakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey. We have considered another trip to Italy to see more of Tuscany, a 2nd trip to Scotalnd or maybe Romania. I'm just not sure!!!! We have many 3-4 day weekends or 1 more 5-7 day trip. ANY SUGGESTS?! THANKS

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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That is quite a list! More than we've managed in the last four years. One I didn't see which is wonderful is Jordan (esp Petra). Within Europe, does Portugal include Lisbon? If not, I strongly recommend going there. Being parochial, within England, I see you have not been anywhere in the north, which is much nicer than the south (e.g. York, Dales, Northumbria). Southern Spain is probably (in our personal view), the best bit of Europe if you have not been there. Istanbul is our favourite city, but perhaps that is covered by Turkey? Also, consider Cyprus - if you stay away from Paphos it is a very interesting island.

Posted by Kimberly
APO, AE, Germany
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Thank you Keith, I will spend some time looking at Lisbon, I had not thought of it. A good friend is moving to England and we do hope to see Northern England at that time. Thanks for the post.

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Bosnia. Beautiful and totally underrated. Sarajevo has a fascinating and sad history (precursor to WWI with the shooting of Franz Ferdinand and the 5-year siege of the city in the '90s when the Serbs seized it, etc). Great place to learn history of the Balkans and see for yourself how the fighting has left a physical toll on the Muslim population. While in Bosnia, you can also see Srebrenica and Mostar among many other historically significant sites. I'm so glad I had a chance to visit while also seeing Croatia and Montanegro (other former Yugoslavian countries) Just curious, how are you lucky enough to travel so extensively through work? Armed forces or State Dept/diplomatic position?

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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With the array of wonderful locations there are probably a few favorites that you would like to visit again. But, over and above that I would definitely go to Romania. It is a beautiful country, especially the Transylvania area, but really all of it is a very interesting and friendly country. What a great opportunity you have had...life changing I am sure.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Come to Israel. With 7 days, you could see most of the country. There are non-stop flights from Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich, about 4.5 hours.

Posted by George
Chevy Chase, Maryland
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Staying in Tuscany and Umbria, is great with wonderful scenery and a laid back pace. Cinque Terra is near by as well. By car, my wife and I liked touring along the 45th Parallel in France. There are a lot of diferent things around it. Going West to East: Bordeau, Dordogne, Les Eyzes (prehistoric caves and museeum) {Think Jeaun Auel, { Shelters of Stone.}. Carcasonne, The Viaduct at Milau, Roquefort, Pont Du Gard, Nimes, with the Maison Carre, which Jefferson used as his model for the statehouse in Richmond, and the Rhone wine country and beautiful villages. I've been along the Riverra, Cannes, Monte Carlo, and Nice, are nice, but if I have to choose, I would take the 45th parallel sights.

Posted by Martin
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Have you seen Madeira? Or La Palma/La Gomera? If you only visited the cities you listed in Italy you should definitely visit Italy again to see the south (Sicily!) and the many sights on the countryside. How about a roadtrip to Southern Italy?

Posted by Thomas
Vienna, Austria
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Bravo! You've done more in 4 years than I've done in 10. (We're not far behind, though.) Some off the top of my head thoughts: Sardinia. Far Southern mainland Greece. Crete. or far north Scandinavia for the Northern Lights. Iceland is another place on my hit list. Good luck. Enjoy!

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, Where in northern and eastern Germany? Where in Poland? How about Lithuania, esp. Kleipeda (Memel)?