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Where to spend Christmas in Europe

Hi All, I am going to Europe for 10 weeks in December and January. Would like to get people reccomendations on where to spend Christmas. I was thinking I would be closer to Germany/Prague at that time but would detour in order to get the full christmas experience.

Also after recommendations for New Years I would be closer to Italy by this time.

Thanks for your help

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Christmas in Germany or Austria is a once in a lifetime experience with the Christkindmarkts. We spent it in Salzburg one year as our son was in university there. It will forever be a high point in my life. New Years in Prague for young people I guess is really a huge party in the streets. That is what my 23 year old son did.

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Brussels during Christmas is simply magical. Can't go wrong there.

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Last Christmas spent a week in Munich, Salzburg, and then to Neuschwanstein Castle (fantastic in the snow and cold, I must say!!). The Christmas markets in Munich and Salzburg were really wunderbar!

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I know this is an obvious point, but I thought I would throw in the observation that, after you savor the Christmas experience in whatever location you decide on, then in January the weather will be less cold the farther south in Europe you go. I guess I point this out because I myself have been surprised by how cold it can be in the winter in northern Europe-- before I had experienced it, I kept erroneously thinking that northern European locations were roughly about the same latitude as where I live (in northern Oregon), but when I took a close look at a global map I realized that northern Europe is much farther north in latitude and climate than I thought.

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Consider Rothenburg in Germany. We went there during the Christmas season several years ago. It's pretty touristy, but a darling little town. Not far from Neuschwanstein, either.