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Where to go in the middle of our trip?

Arriving in London Sep 9th
London 2 nights Sep 10,11th
Paris 5 nights Sep 12,13,14,15,16
Barcelona 3 nights Sep 24,25,26 (Friends in Spain)
Madrid 2 nights Sep 27,28
Departing Madrid Sep 29th
Question: What do you recommend in the middle?
Rome,Venice,Brussels,Western Germany, or other??
We have open Sept 17,18,19,20,21,22,23
Traveling with my wife and 10 year old son, don't want my son getting bored,want him to see different cultures.
We're considering flying on long distances.Thank you

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Paris Disneyland! Just kidding!
Switzerland is amazing, Zurich and Lindt chocolate!

Loire Valley and all those chateaus!

Normandy is fantastic, Bayeaux tapestry and the D Day beaches. Don't forget Mt. San Michel. The Pyrenees are gorgeous, go through Andorra, Lourdes is like Catholic Disneyland, only actually spritual, go to the Basque country, San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, small with a NICE beach!

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I would also suggest spending some if not all of that time in Southern France. You might consider the Dordogne - kids really like climbing through the prehistoric caves.

Chateau hopping in the Loire can be fun - but a little bit of a blur for kids. If you go there I would suggest a trip to the better-than-we-expected Mini Chateaux (small scale replicas of all the Chateaux in the Loire. There is also a great chateau, the name escapes me, devoted to Leonardo Da Vinci. The grounds are lovely and have lots of his inventions scattered through them. All of them are hands-on, like his primitive tank. It's really a wonderful playground!

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I know! I actually love Disneyland and World, great places and FUN!!

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You mean, the eight days between Paris and Barcelona?

Given that the rest of your trip will be in cities, I suggest some time in the countryside. With a car.

If money is no object you can pick your place and fly there, but SW France--Dordogne, Vezere & Lot valleys, Carcasonne, and Pyrenee foothills, with a car--are enroute from Paris to Barcelona and include some really special places and sights.

Start on Perigord--see the old forts and hill towns--spend a night or two in Carcassonne--end in Perpegnan or Coulliore where you return your car and cross the border into Spain.

Have fun!

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Thank you all for your input, i will share your comments with my wife and son and make our decision.

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From London you could take Ryanair to Hahn (they call it Frankfurt) which is right be the Mosel river valley (see RS's book) and just a short drive to the Rhine river gorge. From Hahn you then could fly to Girona or Reus, both of which are in the Barcelona area.

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Hello Fermin. You said you have seven unscheduled days. Seven days is not much time, but I guess you want to see more than France and Spain in Europe. You could ride in trains from Paris to Switzerland (Lucern, and Lauterbrunnen), to see elements of the Germanic culture, and the Alps mountians. And swing back into France, via a stop (one night) at Lausanne at Lake Geneva.