Where is the place on the RS website front page?

The RS website has three new rotating photos on the front page (one of them should be handy to refer all the "can I wear shorts" questions...) One shows a Venetian gondola on a waterway with grassy banks and mansions above. It's a very un-Venetian setting. I was thinking it might be in Vicenza because of the Palladian looking villa in the background but I don't think it's La Rotonda. Am I close? I don't remember gondolas in Vicenza.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Doug, I believe the third photo is St. Petersburg, Russia, taken in the Great Pond in Catherine Park. The Gondolas are built in St. Petersburg strictly in accordance with Italian design. Cheers!

Posted by Doug
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That looks like it, Ken! Which would also fit with the "Russia From Here to There" headline that I thought was not associated with the photo. Duh.