Where is the best place to change money?

I am coming to the end of a stay Europe and have a lot of Euros left and I want to change them to dollars. In general, where will I end up with more dollars in the end: changing the money in Europe, or in the US? Thanks

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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I would hang on to it and change it in the U.S. You never know how much you will need at the airport, etc. And who knows, you may know someone in the U.S. who will be traveling soon and will buy euros from you at a better rate than the banks will.

Posted by Allen A.
Lafayette, LA
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I don't know how many euros you're talking about. If it is several hundred, I would pay off my last 2 nights hotels and meals in cash instead of using a credit card. That ought to put a dent in it. If it is less than $100, I wouldn't bother changing it back to USD. I'd use it as motivation to GO BACK!

Posted by Cynthia
Standish, Maine, USA
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They make a great gift. My sister sent us 85 Euros yesterday. They were left over from her trip last year, and it's a great relief to us to have a few Euros when we land.