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Wheeled backpack suitcase


Any ideas on a reasonable wheeled backpack suitcase?

thank you

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We use Osprey wheeled backpacks as they have slightly bigger wheels than many other brands. On two 5 week European trips they coped extremely well with cobbles, and we tend to walk up to a 1km from train station to hotel. Also, their harnesses have a load lifter strap which lifts the pack weight off your shoulders and makes carrying it as a backpack more comfortable. We also found then the right size for overhead luggage racks on trains and for getting through the central corridors in train cars.

We have used both a Sojourn and a Meridien model.

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I can't speak to the wheeled backpack suitcase, but I can recommend the Timbuk2 2-wheeled carryon (see link below). I've had it a year and it's wearing very well. I love the quiet wheels and the unique organization on the inside. I recently used it with the Compass Rose packing cubes from Travel Fashion Girl (see link below) and they fit perfectly!

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I've used this one for several trips and it has worked great . I primarily use the wheeled feature, however, there are typically a few times during a trip where the conversion to a backpack comes in handy. The backpack straps tuck into the back of the bag and are easily/quickly accessible when needed. Looks like it's out of stock though.

There is this similar one from High Sierra. I can't speak to this model, however, I have several High Sierra backpacks that have lasted well.

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A wheeled backpack is not always a good solution. The wheels and frame add weight which may not be easy to carry for any distance, especially as that type of product doesn't always provide a waist belt that can be adjusted for torso length. With a properly fitted backpack, most of the weight should rest on the hips and not the shoulders. Also unless it's a very good design, any crap stuck on the wheels can rub off on the back of your clothing. My suggestion would be either a backpack or wheeled luggage.

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I have been using. Kathmandu hybrid case for the last 12 years and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I have taken it in every kind of trip and it has been thrown around every possible type of transport and it is still going strong.
It is so well designed that I have never really needed to use the straps to carry it. It’s really easy to manoeuvre whether it’s pulling over cobbles and up steps or lifting into trains. Being designed to potentially go on someone’s back it is slimmer and slightly taller than a normal case. This is an advantage when pulling it because it has a tighter turning circle and sits neatly in at your side when pulling it around.
Since buying the case I now have to use a walking stick and my “pulling side”, both arm and leg, have become progressively weaker but I can still use this case on my travels. It’s that easy to use!

This is their latest version, much fancier than my old one. If my old bag ever dies I will be at the front of the queue to replace it with another one.

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Always wheels....always. Gosh, crossing back from the New Territories years ago late night was a forced march of several miles... Even though I am a backpacker I will never opt to carry a bag when I can drag it. Backstraps are there as a backup, not as the primary method.
We've been pleasantly surprised with the RS bags we own...they are pretty light, efficient, have lot's of room and pockets. They have survived well with no signs of damage. All of our other luggage has been retired, given away since we've been using them.

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I absolutely HATE wheeled backpacks.

I have either a wheeled suitcase or a travel backpack and choose which to take based on the nature of the trip. I prefer wheeled luggage when I absolutely have to carry heavy loads. Also, if I am just doing one or two destinations with a rental car, I am comfortable with a smaller wheeled case.

I had a Eagle Creek wheeled backpack and my wife still uses an Osprey. Both are excellent quality bags, but I could not carry either as the wheels dug into my hips. My wife had the same problem with her bag. They also are significantly heavier (an extra 4 lbs) and offer less inside packing space.

Go to your local REI, if possible, and try several bags while loaded (the bag, not yourself). A properly sized and adjusted travel backpack will handle the load on your hips, not your back or shoulders. The REI guide can show you how to put on the back by lifting the bag onto a high surface such as a table and stepping back into the pack harness.

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Go to your local REI, if possible, and try several bags while loaded (the bag, not yourself).

Now THERE is a useful clarification!!!!