what to pack what to wear France

my husband and I are off to tour France for 3 weeks, as much as we can see of it, so lots of different areas (climates) We want to dress appropriately and NOT look like American tourists. We know the NO sneakers, jumpsuits and baseball cap rules! Are capris ok for daytime for women? Will we need jackets in June? Raingear?
thanks for any info. Deb

Posted by Jeff D.
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I think you were misinformed. I have been to Europe at least 20 times. There is no restrictions on your clothing attire. Granted, jumpsuits maybe a little out of line, but the other items you mention are fine. Wear what you wish but use common sense. Pack light. If you know your destinations, look up the expected weather via the internet the week prior.

Posted by BG
SF Bay Area, USA
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Debbie asked what to wear to not look like an American tourist -- not if there were any clothing restrictions. I think to not look like a tourist, wear dark colors, dark shoes. Don't wear white sneakers-running shoes if you can help it -- though comfortable shoes are a must. You can get away with more casual stuff in the countryside, but for Paris which I am sure you are planning to see, try to be a bit more sophisticated. I think capries would be fine. As for jackets and raingear. Keep checking the weather forecast, I would think a light jacket is all you need, and a small umbrella.

Posted by CL
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I agree with prior posts on clothing choices. But remember: as soon as you open your mouth, they're going to know you're American. They are actually going to know before that, since our styles, gear, manners, and the like are different. Be friendly, respectful, NOT loud, and attempt to communicate in your host country's language. Most everyone will embrace you (ok, maybe not fully since you are going to France, but they'll be as friendly as they can be).

Posted by BG
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Yes -- I agree with CL also. Manners are very important. The French are quiet on the metro, on busses, and in restaurants and stores. They don't think it's a sign of coolness, or that they are having fun, to talk and laugh loudly all the time. Not all Americans are loud, but just be aware of this and it will go a long way toward helping you blend in.

Posted by Tricia
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Hello, I went in the winter... granted not the same time that you are going. But I found it helpful to stick with colors either all darks or lights. It's easier to do laundry.

I thought the French were very helpful and nice.