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What to do at night in Germany if you are not a drinker or cluber

We are planning a trip to Germany the first ten days of Nov. I understand that a lot of the museums are closed at night so what else is there to do if you don't drink and don't club? Cheap things, not go to the opera etc. And does anyone know what kind of weather to expect there? I know it will be probably between 40 and 50 degrees during the day, but what about rain and sunshine? Will it be cloudy everyday or will we get to see the sun at all?

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We often go to organ and other concerts in cathedrals for cheap entertainment. Most of the time they are free, but we do leave a donation for upkeep of the church. As for weather, it depends on what part of Germany you're in. Germany is a big country and the weather in the north by the sea can be quite different from that in the south. Plan on some rain.

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Thanks Karen, we will actually be all over Germany becasue we are flying in to Hamburg and then doing a big circle to Berlin and down to Dresden and to Munich and spend a couple of days on the romantic road and then to Koln and back to Hamburg, so it sounds like maybe the weather will be better in the south? What do peole do to plan for rain? Do umbrellas work well? I'm not a big fan of the bulkiness of ponchos.

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If you're in Munich during the evening, you may find musical groups performing for free in the Marienplatz area of the Altstadt (old city.) One evening we heard a wonderful string quartet playing Baroque music; nearby was a good folk group with guitars and flutes. Probably other cities have similar groups of performers.

I'd advise that you bring a longish jacket--well past hip-length--that's warm and water-repellent, preferably with a hood and good pockets for gloves and scarf. You can carry a small, collapsible umbrella for serious rain. If you've got sturdy leather walking shoes which are waterproof, your feet will be grateful. On my last visit to Germany, five years ago, Berlin had its first snow of the season during the second week of October, whereas in Munich it was cloudy and about 40 degrees.