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What's a better day trip: Bern or Annecy in May?

My husband and I have a day to ourselves before meeting up with Family in central Switzerland on May 21st. We'll already will have spent a few days in the Lausanne area and looking for a romantic/fun day trip. I speak French and would love to see Annecy in May (flower dreams!) but Bern seems gorgeous too and closer. Slightly concerned with border crossings and tricky train schedules if we do Annecy.

Any recommendations of which is a better idea are appreciated!

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Kelsey, I would do Annecy. Annecy is a wonderful picturesque town by a gorgeous lake and most importantly, it is romantic. You will be most fulfilled there. You just have to do proper planning for the train schedule.

Enjoy Annecy

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I was in Bern last May, and thought it was beautiful. But I've been in Annecy several times at that time of year, and would recommend Annecy. The flowers are spectacular. Here's a link to the Annecy posts in my travel blog. There are some pictures of flowers.

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Another vote for Annecy. If you look on the train schedule there are trains that leave every hour from Lausanne to Annecy at :51 past the hour with only one simple change. Just be careful not to choose a different time that includes a bus. That will just slow down the trip for you. Also, there is no issue with a border crossing between Switzerland and France.

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Another Annecy fan here. We loved the pedestrian area, the canal, the park and the lake. We took a lake tour, no food, just a ride around. It was fantastic and all in French, so you'd probably enjoy it even more. Lake Annecy is known as the cleanest lake in Europe.

We were there in late June. Some of the best pictures I've ever taken were of the trees along a little canal where small boats were docked. I loved the bark and the shadows on the sidewalk. Do a Google images search for Annecy to get an idea of how beautiful the area is.

In the meantime, take a look at Top Sights to See in Old Town Annecy in France.