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What happens to posts?

I entered the topic "Avoiding the "Tourist" look and according to my email had over 25 responses. when I went to check the post not only was it gone from "General Europe" entirely, but my post with the same topic in
"Western Europe" is now shortened to "Avoiding the" as a heading and it only has about 8 or 9 responses. Where are everyone else's replies?

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Kari, I think you should send your message to the site's technicians.

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There seems to be some kind of technical problem with the boards in the past few days. I too have noticed a lot of replies are vanishing.

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It is my understanding that the people at ETBD read the graffiti wall and eliminate such messages or responses that are redundant, obnoxious, or? Some messages that are commercial in nature are also eliminated. Somewhere in these pages ETBD explains their policy regarding messages.

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Thank you for your replies. I will only post in one category from now on and I will send my topic to the technicians. From the responses I got before, I didn't read anything that was even remotely obnoxious or? I was really looking forward to hearing everyone's opinion and got some great advice. I hope this is, as Michael wrote, just a technological glitch because I have a number of questions about my upcoming trip and I love the diversity of responses to these posts. Thanks, again

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Hey guys - definitely send anything like this to We do read all that mail and fix things. In this case, the problem is with the quote marks. In a form, the quote signals the end of the input string - so only Avoiding the would post. I will fix ASAP so this doesn't happen again. Yours - Rachel

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Rick Steves' Webmaster here - we are troubleshooting your problem. The use of quote marks caused an error