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What do you mean I can only pack 13lbs!

I was looking on the Virgin Atlantic website for baggage restrictions for carry on. It says that a carry on bag cannot exceed 6kilos - 13 pounds. I'm traveling from Phoenix to New York and then from New York to London - I'm I going to have to check my one has-my-entire-life-in-it bag when I get to New York?

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You will have to check it if it exceeds the weight limit. I checked a bag with Virgin Atlantic and had a carryon bag. The carryon exceeded that weight, but it wasn't weighed or measured (it did fit the size requirement). I'm guessing, though, that you are talking about a bag that is obviously larger and heavier than that. I always carry a change of shirt, underwear, and socks in my carryon just in case, but have never had to use it. If you check the bag in NY, it's not as risky as checking it through from Phoenix, where it would have to change planes and airlines along the way.

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Are you allowed to have another bag, such as laptop or a breifcase?
You could some stuff in that too.That's what I'm going to do. I am actually allowed only 11 lbs on alitalia, plus a laptop bag/briefcase plus a purse.
Good luck!

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The weight limits are for all your carry on bags combined. If they check.

Be aware that if your connection is tight, you may not have much of a chance to check things in NY and/or they may or may not make it on the plane. Better to check in Phoenix.

Also, when you return from the UK, you will only be allowed ONE (and that's one bag, NOT one bag and one personal item) carry on. They are strict and there is a size limit (approx. one small wheeled suitcase). So you need to keep that in mind when packing as you'll want to have some sort of carry on for your valuables etc. whilst the rest of your stuff is checked.


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Yes just returned from Europe and that is restriction for in cabin. just check your main luggage in from Phoenix and have a small separate carry-on with important items, meds, chg of close and toiletries in case your checked baggage is delayed or lost.

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Maybe you can get down to 13 pounds if your carry-on is completely made of fabric, with no metal framework. Is it possible for you to wear more clothing items on the plane? You could wear a tank top, a short-sleeve top, a long-sleeve top, a vest, a sweater, a jacket, slacks, your heaviest shoes, etc. You wouldn't have to wear them all from Phoenix, but could start "over-dressing" in your heaviest clothing items in NYC. You don't have to continue wearing everything once you're seated on the plane. If your bag is still overweight, pare down your toiletries and packed clothing before you leave home. Go shopping in London. It's fun!

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As JS says, put essential items in a very small carry-on bag. I use the Civita day pack sold in the RS travel store. It takes up almost no space when empty so you can stuff it in your main bag when you don't want to wear it.

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Divide your stuff up into two bags: one for essentials to be carried on the virgin atlantic plane and a larger one that all will fit into for your other flight. When you check in in NY, take out the smaller carry-on bag of 6 Kg or less, and check the remainder. I travel light, but I can't travel with 6 kg total! BTW, this is a good reason for traveling a different airline. I hope you got a really good rate on virgin atlantic.

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Well I'm only bringing one bag and it weighs just under 21 pounds - I'm not checking anything because my layover is kinda tight and they can't check my bags all the way through.
That's why I'm so worried about having my bag checked - It's everything I'm bringing for two months!

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I'm wondering about this, too! Has anyone ever actually had their carry on bag weighed? We just did a dry run with our luggage, and our two carry-on-sized suitcases (which are not stuffed full by any means) each weighed 20 pounds. Do they actually weigh them, or are they merely trying to deter people who cannot lift their own luggage from bringing it into the cabin?

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Yes, they actually weigh them -- and measure them if it looks like they exceed size limits.