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Weekly ATM Withdrawals

I'll put a disclaimer up front that this might be a silly question....

I am wondering how much spending money people roughly withdraw per-person per ATM withdrawal when traveling through Europe. I am going to be there for 2-1/2 months and figured I'd make weekly withdrawls to reduce bank fees. I know once I'm there and get a sense of how much I'm spending, I'll know how much to withdraw each time. I'm just trying to figure out how much to withdraw the first few times. Roughly how much does one spend for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, sightseeing and in-town transportation per day, spending moderately, but not super-frugally either?

(Also, as a side note, I'll be staying in a private apartment during most of the stay, and only traveling between 3 countries so I can keep the bulk of the cash safe in between withdrawals.)

Thanks for your assistance.

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Prices vary from country to country and city to city. And then food and beverages are usually a bit cheaper in more rural areas than they are in large urban centers. Could you please specify?

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Thanks for your reply/question - your request for more info makes sense.

For the first month, I'm in Amsterdam. Then, I'm spending 2 weeks on an island off the Atlantic coast of France (not so worried about withdrawls those weeks because I'll be with a host family). After that, I'm in Rome for a month.

My question mostly pertains to my arrivals in Amsterdam and Rome.

Thanks much.

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Depending on your bank you may be able to increase your limit for withdrawl if you ask. My mother asked her bank and they gave her $1200 per day (she has lots in the bank ;-) and mine will up the limit if I ask (not quite as high since I have less $$$$). I'd start with whatever your limit is and see how that spends. Then you'll know how often you need to withdrawl. I've found using cash I am more careful than here where my debit card is all I use.

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It is my understanding, there is a maximum daily withdrawal limit. For instance, my daily withdrawal limit is $400.

Check with your bank for your daily maximum. Give the bank your departure date and the date you expect to return. Also give them the countries you expect to visit.