Wedding in Germany

Looking to get married in Germany. Would like to look for a castle for the wedding. Planning on ~21-25 people for traveling but will probably need to cut down on travelers. When is the best time to go for the lowest fares 'Non-peak travel days' and what is the best website that have info on what castles offer wedding packages. Thanks you Much!! :)

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I don't know the exact rules for Germany, but many European countries have strict residency laws for marriages. If neither of you has a German passport, you need to first research if it is even legally possible for you to marry in Germany. I think some of the other regular posters on this website may have more information (I know more about the marriage laws in Belgium).

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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Getting married in Germany is a hassle for people who aren't citizens, who live here as residents. Trying to do it without being a resident is going to be close to impossible. Most of the expats I know (including me) have gone to Denmark to get married, since it is easier. You will need a civil ceremony first, with all documents translated as well as a translator at your wedding. Then you can go have your castle/church wedding done my a minister or priest.

Posted by Anna
Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Hey, Eric - assuming you have the question if you can actually get married in Germany under control, here is a website that lists "Schloss Hotels" that is, castle hotels: Since I understand German, I scanned it very briefly and noticed that one of the hotels offers wedding accommodations; there are undoubtedly others. Here's the web site: .... Also, I noticed, there's a combo British/American Flag in the upper right corner, click that and you ought to get the English version. The first website has links listed on the right that look like they may have English versions. Note that "Burg" is another name for castle.