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Weather In Florence and Rome

I am serioulsy considering going on the Rome and Florence tours back to back next year. I am not sure which would be the best time to go, end of April or beginning of October. I went to Florence the end of May and found it to be a wonderful city, but way to hot! Weather is of course unpredicatble. Has anyone gone to either city at the end of April or beginning of October? How was the weather? When do you think would be a good time to go to these two cities? Thanks.

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Of those two, the October span is the nicest weather wise.

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I too have been to Florence in late October and the weather was great. OF course with global warming and all, you can't predict what will happen, but it should be nice.

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I've been to both in April and the weather was superb. Clear days with temperatures in the mid 20s C, sorry don't know what that is in F anymore. Really pleasant anyway. Not been October.

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Here's a tip for remembering degrees in C & F.

28 C = 82 F

That at least gives you some baseline to convert up or down. Mid 20's would probably be somewhere in the mid-to-upper 70's. Very nice.

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What I learned when I lived in the US is: Ideal room temperature is 70°F which equals 21°C. The Celsius system is very logical: 0°C means water freezes, 100°C means water starts to evapurate (is boiling)

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We went to Rome and Florence in January.No crowds,weather in 60s in Rome and 50-60 in Florence.Plane fares are cheaper but the nice thing is no crowds.