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voltage converters

If we take plug adaptors, what else do we need? Do we need to take the voltage converter also? Getting mixed messages about this from local people. Traveling to Paris and UK with laptop. I have inline surge protector, but...

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Check your electronics. If they say something like "110-240 volts" then you're OK. If they only say 110 volts, then you will need a converter. European electricity is 220 volts compared to our 110, so it must be reduced by a converter so as not to blow out your stuff. An inline surge protector will not affect this particular issue. Some converters will cover low-wattage devices like battery chargers, etc...others will convert high-wattage devices like hair dryers....while others will do both. In a pinch, a high-wattage converter will allow you to recharge your batteries (although slower than usual). However, you will fry a low-wattage converter if you try to run a hair dryer or other high-wattage device on it.

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Most laptops should be okay, but as has been said, you're charger should say something like v110-240 and if it does you're okay. We went to Europe with a laptop and just a plug adapter and had no problems.

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Also true of most (but not all) cell phone chargers and CPAP machines. The label tells you. Most things are made now to handle all voltages because they're made in China for both the Europe and U.S. markets.

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I'm looking at the power supply for my 3-year old HP laptop. It does say 100-240VAC. That means that its an autosense device and can sense voltage in that range. As mentioned above, Europe is 220VAC. You'll only need your plug adaptors (one for Paris and a different one for the UK).

If your power supply does not say 100-240VAC or similar (for example, it could say 100-120VAC), you will need a converter in addition to the plug adaptors.

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Nancy, it's extremely important that you verify the Input Voltage on the power supply of your Laptop, to ensure that it IS designed for operation from 100-240 VAC.

Also, is the "Inline Surge Protector" a product that is separate from the Laptop, or was it included with the Laptop? It's important to verify the voltage ratings on the Surge Protector also. If it's designed only for 115 VAC, I wouldn't advise connecting this to a 220 VAC electrical system! If you're really concerned about Surge Protectors, you might check Magellan's, as they have some models that are designed to work in Europe.

As someone else mentioned, you'll need different Plug Adapters for Paris (two pin Euro style) and the UK (larger rectangular pins).

Happy travels!