Visiting Normandy this year?

Though I could have put this over on the France section, thought it might be better here. Just curious to see who is going this summer or this year and what it was like being there with all of the veterans. Would love to hear their stories, though it must be so tough for them to be there, knowing how many of their buddies left their lives on that beach.

We went a few years ago, but wish we were going again with the 70 year anniversary of D-Day being tomorrow. Just watching the film clips or seeing the photos is an emotional experience.

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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We will be there in late September. We didn't plan it to coincide with the 70th anniversary year, as we were originally going to do this trip a couple of years ago and had to delay because of health reasons. It would be amazing to be there for the actual anniversary, but I'll take what I can get!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Although it would be great to be there during such a memorable event, I normally avoid things like that as it will be TOO crowded, hotels will be at a premium, roads will be crowded and few of the tours will be operating (they guides want to be at the ceremonies too).

EDIT - I just watched an interview with a Veteran, and he was asked about being there during the ceremonies. He said he prefers to travel on his own as it's very "personal" for him, so that he can re-visit places that have meaning for him. He said attending the big ceremonies and organized events is not the same experience, especially as he "doesn't like being herded around".

Posted by Kim
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I'm like Ken -- don't enjoy crowds, but all this talk about the 70th anniversary has me hankering to make a return trip sometime soon! Am watching one of the French news channels and awaiting the 11pm broadcast of the 24 simultaneous fireworks shows across the beaches this evening!

Posted by Bruce
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There is so much to see as to beaches, cemeteries, fortifications, museums, etc. A very vivid and sobering visit and highly highly recommended. I could not image being there with all the crowds on the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Posted by Paul
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My wife and I will be there in October. Hopefully, the crowds will have dissipated and we will avoid some of the confusion. I expect a very emotional time as my wife's uncle was injured in the invasion and left many of his buddies there.

Posted by donna.reardon4
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Has anyone been to St.Lo or Carantan? My father was there and looking for information about these towns and war landmarks there. Thanks