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Visit to Versailles

We are in Paris 12-23 to 12-27. should we try to make reservatios to visit Versailles on 12-24 ? if we do who do we contact,?

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You don't need reservations to visit Versailles. Take the RER line C from Paris, from one of the RER stations, and just show up. One of the passes (at least two types) helps you avoid the long lines in the summer but this time of year that may not be a problem.

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Just a note, I have been to Versailles twice in May 2006 and May 2007. The palace is amazing and the grounds even more so! However, you are going in the dead of winter, so the grounds will not be so impressive. If you do decide to walk or take the tram around the grounds, make sure you wear your warmest clothing! I went 5/06 and it was a very chilly rainy week and I was cold and the wind was blowing. I did not stay long. The musuem pass allows you in, no payment if you have the pass. May 2007, rainy week once again, I will never go in May to Paris again, but the day we went to Versailles, it was a nice day and we spent the entire day walking around the gardens and seeing the farm animals and enjoying the views. Palace does not take very long, couple of hours. Worth the trip, but do go back when the weather is nicer. If you have never been to Paris, you will love it.
The town is not much, nice, small, shops and places to eat.

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Margaret -

I would recommend you purchase the Passport un jour (one day pass)- this is the ticket that allows you to visit all the different areas in the palace without waiting ( as Kent mentioned). You can purchase your roundtrip ticket on the RER and this pass at any SNCF station - such as St. Michel or Champs de Mars (where the line C picks up to Chateau Versailles).

The walk through the gardens will not be as impressive in the winter - but you can for instance go to Marie Antoinette's "country house". It i a nice walk - and there are golf carts you are able to hire by the hour if walking is an issue.

see the following for additional detais....
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Also the Hall of Mirrors has just recently reopened following several years of renovation. I would also recommend the audio tour - it helps to understand all of the items you are seeing as well as the history of the palace and the apartments.