I will be traveling in Europe shortly and my plan was to spend 90 days in Europe and 90 in the UK. I am not planning on spending the days consecutively because i don't want to exceed 180 days. However, I was wondering what Ireland counted as. For example, could I go to france for about 2 months, england/scotland for 2 months and the Ireland for 2 months? any response would be very helpful,
thanks a million

Posted by Gail
Downingtown, USA
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Not sure why you headed this topic "visa". You don't need a visa for these countries. Also, the UK and Ireland are not part of the Schengen treaty (spelling?) so they do not count towards the time rule. Hope this helps.

Posted by Neil
804 posts 'could I go to france for about 2 months, england/scotland for 2 months and the Ireland for 2 months?' - yes, as your only involvment with Schengen is France and 60 odd days of your permitted 90 and you will not be staying in the Republic of Ireland greater than 3 months - But you say initially 180 days (90 and 90) - be sure you have your head around all this :-)

Posted by Paul
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Providing you are a US Citizen, I do not see any issues with your plan. No formal visa is required for any of these countries for US Passport holders, each allows a period of time in country with just a passport for entry. Specifically, The UK allows you up to Six Months of stay, need not be consecutive days, you can do multiple entries. Ireland assesses your need on entry, allowing up to 90 days with each stay, with limits applied possibly with multiple entries. France is part of the Schengen Agreement, which sets you stay to essentially a limit of 90 days in any 180 day cycle for all countries combined that are party to the Schengen agreement. Multiple entries are allowed.