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Visa travel money cards (prepaid debit card)

Has anyone used Visa travel money card to withdraw money at ATMs in France. It is a loadable debit card. Any problems using it?

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Make darn sure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions for the Visa TM card BEFORE you buy it. The T & C used to be accessible from their website. Now the site only says that it is provided "with the card". Small wonder they don't show it. They don't want you to find out that they take a 7% commission on every withdrawal. That compares with as low as 1% (network fee) for some ATM cards. They also take a few $ as a fee for each withdrawal. That is a terrible rate!!!

Not only can you do better, you almost can't do worse.

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NO, NO, NO --- the fees are way too high. Absolutely NO advantage over standard debit card.

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8 posts all have been very helpful. I thought there were fees, but I was not sure how much.

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my son just got back from Italy and used his local and I mean small town debit card... Didn't have any problems with it at all and there was no fee except the conversion rate. Have fun on your trip.

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Avoid getting ripped off by those prepaid debit cards. Instead go to your local credit union and open an account with them. That way your CU debit card is protected, and not linked to any of your accounts. If its lost/stolen your CU can be contacted as well.

Most CU's will also waive ATM fees.