Visa requirements to UK, France, Italy, Holland for US Green Card Holders

I am a US green Card holder and planning to travel to Europe this summer. I am not sure if I need to get visa to visit UK, France, Italy and Holland. Also I am not planning to go to Germany but taking a EuroRail from Basel to Amsterdam which probably goes through Germany and do I need German visa too.

Appreciate any help


Posted by Kate
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I agree with the above advice. However, you need to check whether you need a visas for the UK, Switzerland and the Schengen Union. France, Italy, Holland and Germany (and most EU countries) are all part of the Schengen Union, so you can get a single visa for all of those countries. Switzerland and the UK are not part of the Schengen Union, so visa nationals have to get separate visas for these countries.

Hope it goes smoothly!

Posted by Phoebe
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I have a green card and don't need visas for the countries you mentioned, but that's because I am a Mexican national. That's the determining factor - what country's passport do you hold? You have to check that your country of origin is not on a list required to obtain visas in advance for the specific countries you are visiting.

In general, check the consulate office or embassy for a country and see what requirements there are for the country whose PASSPORT you are traveling on. As a Mexican national, I always check that, plus I double-check by calling the specific consulate and giving more details.

Some countries allow you to get visas when you land, others require you to get visas in advance, so do be careful to ask very detailed questions. Mention the length of your trip, more than 90 days may need a visa.

Be sure to have your green card when traveling out of the US and back, plus your passport with at least 6 months validity left on it. Keep copies in a safe place

Posted by hassan
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i am usa green card holder and planning to travel for uk ,france and switzerland ,and my native country is pakistan so do i need visa for those countries.

Posted by Frank
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Since those are critical answers, I would not trust an answer on this board however well intended. Go directly to the appropriate embassy.

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The advice given above is correct. Your US green card doesn't mean anything regarding your ability to enter other countries (it is important, of course, for returning to the USA). I'm a US citizen so I travel on a US passport. My wife is a green card holder, but travels on another country's passport. While I can often (usually) enter many countries without any visa, she often has to jump through the hoops of obtaining a visa before we leave. Frankly, it's a pain (so we're working on her naturalization before we attempt another trip).

Bottom line: what counts is the country whose passport you use. Your green card is only useful for (re-)entering the USA.

As stated above, you will need a visa to enter the UK (good luck - that one is expensive, a major hassle, and involves providing plenty of annoying biometric data, e.g. fingerprints). You will need a separate "schengen" visa for France/Italy/Holland (one combined visa for all the schengen countries). That's a fairly straightforward process, but can be a bit complicated since the schengen countries all seem to want to "pass the buck" (American expression meaning give the responsibility to someone else): you need to apply for the schengen visa to the country where you will be spending most of your time. If your time will be split evenly between multiple countries, they want to to apply for the country you will first enter. Don't know about Switzerland.

Good luck, get things started as soon as possible (it can take a while) and have fun!

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As others told you, the best way is to go the each embbassy's web site and check the requirements for your country.

Posted by Paul
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For issues regarding the Schengen visa, generally you would apply to the embassy of the country you will be spending the most time in (if for an extended period), or for a trip, the country first visited.

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Posted by David
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The answer is the same as stated above:

Your green card does not have anything to do with entering another country, and doesn't have anything to do with whether you need a visa or not -- they don't care if you have a green card.

A green card only effects your ability to re-enter the US.

Posted by Frank II
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All the advice here is good...

Whether you need a visa to any country is determined by what passport you are carrying. Until you become a U.S. citizen, you are still a national of your origin country. The green card has no effect on this.

When returning to the U.S, you will need to show the Immigration people your passport and your green card. (it will make life a lot easier for you.)

Most European countries have websites that will tell you whether you need a visa or not. But it may still be best to call.

Remember, these countries don't care that you have a green card. It means nothing to them. All they care about is who issued your passport.

Posted by shafi
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It is enquiry.

I am green card holder .Currenly living in USA.Need to travel to UK.Is british visa required?.Original passport issued from Pakistan.

Awaiting reply.
Best regards,

Shafi Ahmed

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Green card has no bearing. If you would need a visa to visit Britain from Pakistan than you will need one now. You are still a Pakistani citizen traveling with a Pakistani passport. Check with the British consulate.

Posted by tracee
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Last June I traveled with with someone who is a Peruvian citizen with greencard and she did need a visa. We went to the UK, France, Belguim and the Netherlands. I don't know if she needed seperate visas for the UK and the continent.

Posted by Paul
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As all others have noted, possessing a US Green Card is of little bearing except upon return to the US. All of the people that inquired would need to contact both the British Embassy and the Embassy of either the First Schengen Country, or the one in which the most time will be spent for application details. In the case of Switzerland, they are in a grey zone, technically they are now in the Schengen Zone, but are handling some Visa issues independently, probably a good idea to contact them as well. A quick check though indicates that both Pakistani and Nigerian nationals need Visas for all of these countries, including an Airport Transit Visa if you will be passing through a country not covered by your visa.

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YES, as long as you are a third world national you NEED A SCHENGEN visa if you want to visit the schengen countries.(France, Italy and Holland)
Basel and Germany are also covered in your schengen visa.
Google schengen counties, it will list all the countries covered by schengen visa.
Until March 2009 Switzerland was not part of the EU.
And you did not require a Swiss visa as long as you were a green card holder from the US. Now they have joined the EU as well and a Schengen Visa will hold good there as well
You require a seperate Britain visa to enter UK.
I hope this is clear.